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11-26-2012, 09:47 PM
Yes, the Vor'Cha can do glorious power slides. With the right build and good timing you swing so fast around that it make escorts pilot blink at what just happened. But its a difficult maneuver.
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11-26-2012, 10:06 PM
Originally Posted by lostusthorn View Post
Yes, the Vor'Cha can do glorious power slides. With the right build and good timing you swing so fast around that it make escorts pilot blink at what just happened. But its a difficult maneuver.
yup. have to massage my hands for a while after doing that one! lol
Also my neck as I tend to crane my neck over before I realize I'm not *actually* sitting on the ship but on a computer!
We still live!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaa! We live and we will conquer!!!!! Hahahahahaaha!

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11-27-2012, 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by generator88 View Post
Thissler, while I've got your ear, in your post above you alluded to the difference between DCs and DHCs. I'm not yet getting the difference between the two, and how it relates to use in battlecruisers. Could I trouble you for a quick breakdown?

Thanks very much.
DC's and DHC's have the same DPS figures. But different rates of fire. Tac abilities that boost damage will work well with the higher per shot damage of DHC because they either simply increase the ROF or work off of base damage. So if you are spending tac slots on CRF go ahead and use DHC.

DEM applies itself on a per shot basis. Dual Cannons fire more often than DHCs so you can see how DEM will land more damage on a target if it is applied with Dual Cannons over DHCs.

Dual Cannons eat more energy, but it's a cruiser. And your and engineer. Adapt. Plus the new DEM boffs work very well. Give them the POWER!!!

If you aren't using any of those abilities and you don't care much about 'maximizing' your weapons proc rate Dual Banks are a nice alternative.

Torpedoes are a very important part of the loadout. And cruisers minimzie Tac slots. But as you can see they have other methods of increasing energy weapon output besides eating tac slots all day so you can easily maximize torpedo damage while still creating a firehose of a ship using engineering abilities.

Cheers happy flying!

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11-27-2012, 09:45 AM
Okay, it makes sense when it's all laid out like that, thanks. My original plan was to eventually get a fleet Vorcha, but maybe I'll go fleet Neghvar instead and try and figure a more engineering-based approach for my final ship.

Um, "new DEM boffs?" I see one purple-grade doff that buffs DEM listed in the wiki, but if there are Boffs that help out on that, my search-fu needs work.

Again, thanks very much.

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12-08-2012, 03:27 AM
Originally Posted by generator88 View Post
Hi everyone,

First off, thanks for all the replies.

I decided to give the DHC/Turret build a try first, as everyone was singing its praises. Sadly, I'm making it work abut as well as I was afraid it would. I get one pass, after which the targets never appear in my front arc again, and I'm reduced to plinking away with the turrets. I tried adding in an RCS console (the +Turn one), and also found an engine with a [Turn] modifier, but I still find myself with all this unused DPS because I can't get targets into its firing arc. I'm going to keep trying, but if I don't find a way to make this work soon, I think I'm going to give beam arrays another try.

Thanks again!
This is exactly why I don't use cannons. the firing radius is garbage on them. Beam arrays are better for reach, just not as much power in each shot
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