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12-26-2012, 12:23 AM
ok what exacly counts for a 15 min mission ive done some that count , non combat completable in under 10mins but my 20-30 min long combat mission dosnt, it has atleast 2 interact points a map enemys to fight on 6 of the 8 maps bout 5-10 mins of reading if u read it combats last from a min or so up to 5+ mins. the only thing i can think of is cause i made the groups spawn all in 1 group it dosnt count and maybei need to split them up make it easyer and then itll count?. if anyone can post exacly howmany inteact with objects ect is required ited be nice cause atm im stumped. is it just cause i used premade maps? i need information, tyvm in advance
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12-26-2012, 12:29 AM
Not having read the entire thread, I belive I can provide the answer quick, easy and simple:

If you did not get dil for the "Investigate" missions, would you play said quick-missions more than once?

If the answer is no, and I would'n believe you if you say Yes, then the answer to the OP question should have answered itself.
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12-26-2012, 01:34 AM
Few things that may have been missed. Keep in mind I do not support 'easy 1 click' missions. That said I try and look at it from both sides.

1. Not many people were using the foundry to begin with before this happened. People would make them sure, but since there was no reward to them (more or less) most people ignored them, in addition it being added in it made the devs seems lazy, mostly because at that point our 'weekly episodes' stopped. Yeah remember when that was 'a thing?' and suddenly..boom done. Who wants to pay to create reward less content? I have tons of desk top games for that. Its what I play Dungeons and dragons for (no not the mmo)

2. people who want to look at missions in there will do so anyway, that has not changed. No one is spitting on anyones content, if your getting rated down or bad comments you probably deserved them. No one likes being told they are bad, and to be fair a great many of them are, with some that are really good.

3. Most people are going to do a each foundry mission once. I dont care how good you think yours is, this is a fact. Most people are not going to bother after the first time of playing your mission. You might get a few people who will run it later on down the road, but not very many.

4. hate all the clickys you want (I still do) they still got people to use the system. Ive noticed some good missions in there from time to time. Normally I wouldent bother since I kinda have to spend most of my free time in STO to grind something. Between getting omega marks, romulan marks, dill, fleet marks and EC to get a ship i want on the market most of my free time is spent trying to obtain these rewards. I have 5 characters i wish to gear up, I'm not going to be able to spend my time to really run a whole lot of rewardless missions, especially since PWE put time gates on everything.

I can understand why some of you feel the way you do, but it really is not hurting YOU, at very least not your foundry missions you have made, if anything it gets the grinding aspect done a bit faster so they can actually explore the player made content. I enjoy some of it, but I'm not going to spend half my day exploring unless there is some reward attached to it, I value my time more than that, and I'm sure you value your time better too.

Also should point this out, a 15 minute mission is in no way bad to obtain your rewards, 45+ minutes each time however is a bit silly, and some of you make 3 hour plus missions (and dont lable it you sick bastards!). There is NO reason to do those unless you REALLY want to.

In short, less grind would mean more time to be spent doing other things in sto, we really can not do that at the moment and PWE is taking great glee in adding new grind modles to the game (Oh btw thanks for taking a big dump on my stf efforts with this rep system, not that I'm bitter about it or anything! just shiney! =) )

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