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# 11 the vesta
11-23-2012, 10:06 AM
I know the Vesta is a new ship and i don't know the ins and outs of the obsession over the ship but these are my views

Why aren't you using the cannons that were designed for the ship this way you could have full aux all the time your sci powers would be boosted and your heals would be maxed

I too agree that you need to have tac boosting modules of your weapon choice the little punch you pack is even smaller without having those

I also agree you need tac team in there for survivability this is a must especially in pvp where your incoming fire is switching constantly

I don't quite know what your tactics would be in a fight do you just sit there switching between targets fore and aft , are the beams on the back just for when your turning on your target or do they do something

I might be missing something as i don't have the ship and haven't used it but looks like this thing would just tickle most half decent PVE builds never mind a PVP build
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11-23-2012, 11:41 AM
I agree that I need the Tac team... but I concentrate more on the Sci so I need more Sci abilities to work from....

so my initial pass is energy Siphon.... once they Clear that U usually sub nuc them target subsystems wth the dual beam banks... the torps are more a distraction but they do work....once Im in Tractor range I hold them with a tractor beam and gravametric pulse JUST to make sure...if I do my job right I hold the primary in position for the rest of my team to kill it and with my build my aux is already pretty high so im not hurting myself as much as you might think...I have 2 instances of EPtS 1, a RSP 1, HE 2, ST 2 and TSS 3,

and that still left me with TB 1 PH 1, Energy Siphon 2, and Grav Well 3,....
sometimes I forget to launch my fighters...

Im more agile than most sci ships... but not enough to make use of the Cannons... if I were leaning more toward a tac captain build it would look alot like the builds you have all suggested..... in PVE I use the Isometric Charge console on targets close together but I found it useless in PVP where my opponents rarely group I will replace that with a subspace jump console, which I use to set up the Quantum Field Focus Controller....
Jump use an aux battery just to make sure, hit them with the Gravwell and the shot from the Quantum Field Focus Controller while targeting a subsystem, say shields or weapons.... maybe go after engines if you want to try and keep them there long enough to finish what you started when the beam is done hit evasive maneuvers pop dispersal pattern alpha and get outta there dropping a couple tricobalt mines in your wake

the build is sound as long as Im not the focus of the opposing teams fire if that happens this crumples like tin foil...
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# 13
11-23-2012, 08:58 PM
Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
might be a Mary sue ship in Your opinion but I think the ship does the same job just as well as a fleet deep space science build which is the build I used for the Vesta... trash it all you want but it is a fine ship... and the first post was just a bit of fluff

I call the ship a Light Carrier because for all intents and purposes thats what it is.... you wanna convience me its a Mary Sue ship start showing me numbers proving your point show me where it does a better job at something than some other ship can... if you can not do that kindly STFU and let others see the build for what it is and maybe get a little feed back on what the build is lacking or what could possibly improve the build or what ever, to just post that you were intrigued till you saw the U.S.S. Mary Sue and ZzzzZZzzZZZzzz'd

come down off of your cross build me a bridge outta the wood and get over it. Until you can post your rebuttal with numbers and statistics to back it up, you sir need to sit down and be quiet while the grown ups talk....
First you make a reference that could be offensive to the religious then you insult me directly, all for calling a ship, not your build, but a ship, the USS Vesta, Mary Sue. Bravo. Taking it personally perhaps?

As for numbers and statistics, I don't need them, all I have to do is point at the books the Vesta-class is featured in. I think you are not even sure what a Mary Sue is, as you are asking for numbers, which cannot define a Mary Sue, but you're sure it is bad, as you immediately, jumped to the Vesta's defense, like a fangirl valiantly defending her sparkly vampire.
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11-24-2012, 07:50 PM
unfortunately I DO know what a Mary Sue is... while YOU might see it as a Mary Sue ship until you can explain to me WHY its a Mary Sue ship ( the Vesta not my Build )... I will rebutt your assessment in this way... Anything the Vesta can do Some other ship in game can do the same job BETTER... but thats not a Mary Sue Ship.... that would be a ship that can do EVERYTHING... and do it better than most everything else in existance.... need to blacken the sky with fighters leave your Atrox at home boys the Vesta has that covered, Need to put out massive amounts of DPS... Leave your Bug behind guys Vesta has that covered too.... need to be able to take damage.... Leave your Cruisers in Spacedock guys the Vesta has that covered too.....

1: Vesta cannot compete with the DPS of an Escort in the hands of a Tac Captain period.
2: Vesta makes a Poor Excuse for a Carrier type ship
3: Vesta can be out tanked by a compitent engineer in a T5 Excelsior
4: Vesta as a science ship can be out classed by a Fleet Deep Space Science ship....

so from the Above Statements it seems clear that the Vesta is NOT a Mary Sue but more of a Jack of All Trades Master of None

I will appologise for the personal attack I have a reason and an excuse but that was still unacceptable....
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11-25-2012, 10:13 PM
1. I have read on these very forums and heard from word of mouth about the Vesta-class doing insane amount of damage for a Sci Vessel, and it should. It has a LTC UNI and can slot cannons as well as a DPS console. It can easily out DPS any other Sci Vessel and can even nip at Escorts heels, especially with the innate Sci Vessel ability.

2. Sure does, glad to see a bit of balance. Don't worry, I'm sure the amount of QQ will get the hangar "fixed" to HEC levels.

3. It has the highest non-Fleet shield mod, a pure invincible bubble, 2 non-DPS consoles, and 4 Sci Consoles to stack +shield and +regen, so yeah...shield tank like a beast. Hull, not so much, but what Sci Vessel does?

4. Outclassed by something that has a marginally stronger hull, weaker shields, is slower, no cannons or consoles, and an inferior BOFF seating? lolwut?

5. It is a HUGE Mary Sue in the novels

Simply because YOU refuse to use cannons, have a subpar build, or what have you, and cannot pull off the feats that other Vesta Captains can does not mean your toy is not a bit on the OP side.
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11-26-2012, 07:04 AM
it may be a mary sue in the books, but it is not the case here. my build as you call it sub-par is not, its focused on team play instead of being the star of a pvp match... the Vesta is a Support Ship, so it can out DPS other science ships thank you fro bringing that to my attention... still there are other ships IN GAME that can do most of the vesta's jobs better...
reason for not using the aux cannons on my build is quite simple I wanted to be more si heavy and to use the cannons would mean slotting a tac in the uni LCMDR slot....

as for the "hangar" I think its fine where it is

I believe that in this particular instance we are going to have to agree to disagree it might be a Mary Sue in the books but its a far cry from it in the game In my opinion....and honestly thats all it is an opinion
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I.R.W. Raptor's Claw
Storm Eagle Class Warbird Fleet Ha'feh
I have never trusted humans, and I never will

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