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# 1 Which anti Borg set/combo?
11-22-2012, 09:16 AM
Ok, so I KNOW there's been a lot of debate on this, but now that we've been playing season 7 for a while, I want to ask straight out-
Should I use FULL Borg set, FULL MACO set, or 2 piece Borg+MACO?
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11-22-2012, 09:34 AM
I think it kind of depends on what you're flying and what your tactics are.

The full Borg set probably benefits escorts the most, giving you a few extra potential heals where healing abilities tend to be at a premium. The downside is that your shield HP will be somewhat low, making you more squishy than if you used something else, but it might help get you back in the fight faster if you have to run while the procs are up. They also tend to take fewer hits due to higher evasion, so take less actual damage than the other ship types, so the low HP works against them less than the others.

The full MACO set bonuses are rather underwhelming, although 2 of the pieces are individually pretty good. The shield, of course, is still heavily used due to its relatively high HP and plasma resistance as well as the energy buff, and the deflector is pretty good if you're running a shield healer/shield tank ship. This set would be reasonably good on any ship. The "utility" knockback beam is best utilized on an escort since it's a forward arc weapon, but its low damage and long cooldown tend to work against it anyway.

If you're going to mix Borg and MACO, the general recommendation will be to use the MACO shield and Borg for the other parts. It gives you a high-durability shield and a potential hull heal proc for those annoying plasma fires. This combination would probably work better on science vessel, to take better advantage of some of the effects on the deflector, but it should also work well for cruisers. Not sure if it's the best setup for an escort though.

If you tend to be a player who sees little-to-no aggro in space combat (support players in general), the low HP of the Borg set won't impact you as much, but the heals will see much less use. You wouldn't benefit much from the MACO shield with this play style, since you need to be receiving energy weapons fire for the energy buff.

If you tend to be a heavy tank, the heal procs on the Borg set would be nice but you usually can't afford the low shield HP unless you have reliable team heals. You can get a lot of use out of the MACO shield energy buff with this play style, and the MACO deflector gives you more shield HP and shield heal strength.

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