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Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
If one ignores the endgame starbase/embassy/reputation grind, what is there left to do? PvP? Blow that for a joke.
use your imagination? I have my keyboard bound with almost every emote, many of my ingame friends claim I bring a superb uniqueness to my STO toons.

I'm not saying that completely ignoring content is a good idea either but I do remember the early days of STO and the ammount of players who had alternate characters who they just quite literally created, ignored all content and popped them in Quarks just for Role Playing.

I don't role play at all anymore thanks to a unique fleet of tooth pulling anti role playing re-toads who say they're actually stopping Erotic role play. to which I have sufficient evidence to the contrary!

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11-22-2012, 05:55 AM
I'm an explorer type, and I generally don't care about the "end game". I'm not interested at all in getting the top gear. I don't do STFs, and I don't grind for dilithium either.

Since Tau Dewa and New Romulus are only for level 50 characters, you could count it as end game content. The Reputation system certainly counts as a gear grind. However, I'm happy to do each of the soloable missions there once with any given character. Repeating the missions on the same character would become a grind for me, and I stop doing things that feel like a grind. I'll make some progress in the Reputation system, but I don't expect to get far in it. I'm there for the exploration aspect, not the gear.

I have altitis, and I enjoy doing the episodes and DOffing. I like immersion, and stuff that breaks immersion (like repeating the same mission over and over with the same character) usually breaks the fun for me.

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11-22-2012, 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by chikahiro View Post
Looking back at my own gaming history, I've pretty much ignored every end-game I've been presented with. I preferred to do other things, and really, up until the past month or two, I've ignored here as well. Even in my old favorite MMO, City of Heroes, I ignored the end-game; not because of implementation, but because I'd rather do other things.
I guess this describes my gaming style as well. I am also and old COH player (R.I.P) but I've been here since beta as well. I've seen this game change quite a bit since then and it's never been (for me) about getting to the end game.

There is far too much to do on the way. I have worlds to explore, mysteries to solve, diplomacy to do, cargo ships to rescue, and much much more. Rushing to the end game just means I get to miss the stories that are there for me to see.

I'll get there eventually, but what's the rush?
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11-22-2012, 11:51 AM
Holy smokes! People who play STO for something other MACO or Omega gear! I'll just bet there was a Elvis sighting somewhere on Mol'Rihan today as well,

I too wander all over the place and only do whatever interests me today. Which may or may not be the newest thing put into the game. Repeating the Elite STFs ad ifinitum ad nauseum was boring right from the moment I began playing. Why do the same missions over and over just to get gear so I can do the same mission over and over faster? Yawn.

PvP can be really fun with the right people to play against. Especially when one doesn't follow conventional wisdom concerning what PvP builds should be. Even more fun when one can find three or four people who have a talent for small unit tactics and understand what combined arms synergy is supposed to mean. Alas, the "standard" PvPer cannot think outside the box they've placed themselves into. Other people who ought to know better believe said PvPers when they spout off about being "expert". I've no idea at all what constitutes 'fairness' in a PvP match. I do know that in Real Life, the loser seldom has a say in deciding what 'fair' means.

I kinda like this Reputation thingie. Means my ship and crew are not as dependent on how purple our kit is. I also like the Mark system because I don't have to pew pew pew all the time to count.
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11-22-2012, 11:59 AM
PvP is end game content for me.. I just wish it was better
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11-22-2012, 12:18 PM
I mostly ignore end-game content for RPing. Heck, what I do in Mol'Rihan is part of my roleplaying! I don't do STFs as much, mostly to get the Optional of KAGE done so I can get the damn accolade... stupid Omega Force style eludes me.
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11-22-2012, 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
If one ignores the endgame starbase/embassy/reputation grind, what is there left to do? PvP? Blow that for a joke.
Well, when I was still active in COH? The SG I led/was part of was part of a larger group that would play together. Thanks to sidekicking/autoleveling, we'd go through and help folks through the game, do Task Forces (for fun, not speed runs), zone events, make crazy amounts of alts, do role-playing, etc. At the very least we'd have the chat channel, and just talk together while playing.

Certainly, we all had "sweet spots," level ranges we preferred, where we liked the enemies the best, thought it was the most fun for us, etc. I had some friends who simply turned off XP gain after a certain point.

It was a pretty large group, though. Sadly many of them have moved on for various reasons, and very few made it to STO. COH, for a few, was their first and last MMO

I've personally found the Zen|Dilithium Exchange to be a lot of fun and very engaging. I like DOFFs, have somehow turned into my fleet's "economic adviser" (blind leading the blind!), and am just enjoying faffing about in-game with my activities, hitting PUGs occassionally because I want to do something else, or joining my fleet for STFs or Fleet actions. Not because its end-game, but because I think they're fun and I haven't burned myself out on them.
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MMOs don't have an "endgame". They have a "I wish I had something else to do."
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11-22-2012, 07:13 PM
I don't usually, but I'm certainly ignoring it now.
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11-22-2012, 07:26 PM
I wish I could just easily hit the dil cap so that I can go back to playing good Foundries and writing captain's logs...

Basically, I wish I could stop levelling for once!!
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