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# 1 Ease off the Grind
11-22-2012, 12:20 AM
The new STF equipment charge is really a grind-meiser; 250 Omega Marks needed for a Mk10 Ground STF component. That would not be bad if the STF were paying 25-40 per session, but the most I have seen is 19 (and that is with the Optional). If this was the price for Mk12 gear then it might make sense, but not for Tier 1 Mk10 gear.

The other S7 change is not so much a grind as it is a time sucking chore... i.e., minimum standards for Foundry missions that contribute to the Investigation daily. It seems that the minimum time is 30 min and most of the approved missions seem to be closer to 60 min or more. That meams 3 hrs of Foundry to get only 50 Fleet Marks and the dilith. I may be on STO for at most 3 hrs in a day and I usually try to do several different activities (e.g., Doff mission tasking, STFs, FAs and maybe a FE rerun). Sucking up all my time in Foundry missions is not balanced out with the reward. If most mission are 15 minutes then it would be acceptable, but 60 minutes per mission is not worth the reward (especially for player-generated content).

A needed addition to the Foundry UI is the ability to search/arrange missions based on average time. If the system can run through the player's mission structure to evaluate the likely amount of time to play, then players would be less hesitant to play missions that are described as story missions (to me that sounds like too much reading and a time drain).
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11-22-2012, 09:30 AM
Elite STF= 60 Omega Marks for completion+15 for Optional+15 during Marks Event= 90 Omega marks.... did you do wrong to get 19 Omega Marks?

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