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My omega reputation is stuck at Tier 0. Trying to complete an "Elite Special Task Force Completion" upgrade with 4/5 neural processors already submitted. I earned the last one, and when I try to contribute it... nothing happens.

I can not seem to fix or finish this. Logging in or out doesn't do a trick. I filed a GM ticket in-game, and the reply said they were aware of it and it was a known issue, and that there was a workaround available. The workaround didn't work (queue this same project up again and complete the project - still nothing).

Now I have no projects available and cannot achieve Tier 1.

Anything I can do or am I doomed to wait this one out?

Solution: Earn more borg neural processors. I could contribute when I had two left, but not one.

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I thought i had a similar problem while filling out omega projects, the server lagged and i had 2 of the 4 required items only half filled. I just replicated more and was able to finish out the project.

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In order to reach tier 1 of omega reputation you have to earn 5,000 Reputation points by doing the regular reputation projects. The "Elite STF Completion" Upgrade mission doesn't give any tiers - It's just there to help get Dilithium for equipment projects. You need to do at least 3 non-upgrade projects to reach tier 1 (3 if you do just the project with 2,000 reputation point award). After you reach at least 5,000 Omega reputation points, you will unlock the tier 1 upgrade project. After that project is completed, you will be at tier 2.
Basically, it works just like the fleet starbase projects. I hope this helps.

~ @Zing101

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