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# 1 The grind
11-22-2012, 09:46 AM
Please understand that making each foundry mission be a minimum time limit makes it almost impossible to do the Investigate Officer Reports (Daily) to complete for players that have the following:

1) Multiple characters (some of us have paid to have over 10)

2) Limited time to play since we have JOBS and family commitments!

Your requirement to make each foundry mission at least (updated to reflect that others say 15 minutes) 15 and having to do 3 of them to complete the Invetigate Officer Reports, means it takes 45 minutes per charcter. Now times that by 10 characters and the time now amounts to approx. 7.5 hrs. each day to do these for all of the characters. That is just not reasonable to expect normal people to be able to do each day (they are called "Daily's" after all by you)!

Are you just developing the game for people that don't have jobs or families? By the way how much money are you making from these players? Is it the main source of income for you or do you need players like me to actually buy Zen? Your current approach makes me believe that you want us, those that have limited time to play each day, to spend more money buying Zen to get dilithium and the others things needed to advance our bases to be able to compete with the players that have all day to grind dilithium and EC's.

I understand you are in business to make money but please make if a little more fair for us too that have limited time each day!

Remember a very old but true sales approach to making money...

More volume of sales equals more money!

I have spent thousands of dollars on your game and would like to continue to enjoy the limited time I have each day playing STO, not grinding forever or spending more to keep up with the players that have no job or family!

Please return the quick Dailys or reduce your requirement of missions to complete the Investigate Officer reports (Daily) to just one mission.

Thank you,

Golly look what I got! Now I can collect game metrics properly and adjust the content correctly!

Delta Rising, The Best Expansion Ever and the Players Love it!

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