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# 1 Abilities in space
11-25-2012, 11:52 AM
Hello and good evening,

I know I bother most of you guys already out there, but I need your help again.

After some advices from other players, I think I have most of my ground BOffs pretty good trained with some must have abilities.

What I do need now is advice on space abilites.

I am a Sci Admiral, I tend to fly escorts and will by the Vesta-Pack. I love the canon abilities and so I have equiped my Armitage now with AP canons and turrets. (Should I ever fly an other ship type I switch to beams)

2 Tac Boffs have canon and torpedo abilites, and one Tac Boff will be trained on beam abilities.

So that usually takes away at least one Tac Slot and at least one Uni Slot for my 2 Tac Boffs.

That leaves lower rank Slots for Eng and Sci.

What do you recommend on Eng and Sci?

What 4 abilities should those two Boffs essentially have?

Like I said maybe I will switch later to a Cruiser or Science Vessel too so I will be prepared for changes.

Thank you very much again for any help and advice you can share with me

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