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# 1 Regent Class Build
11-22-2012, 03:17 PM
Hi All,

Ever since the mention the 20% sale I rushed to the c-store and finally brought the assault cruiser refit after all these months of waiting and being undecided. So I would like you opinion/s on my build and what I could do to improve it.

At the moment:


3x phaser array beams
WAQT forward

3x phaser array beams
quantum torpedo launcher very rare XII

Engineering console
neutronium XII
field emitter

4x neutronium or 3x neutroium, field emitter or eps or rcs depends on the situation

science console

field generator
emitter array

Tactical consoles
Borg console
x2 phaser rely
phaser relay
quantum chamber

sometimes use other torpedo types such as photon for higher maximum DPS output or transphasics or the one the slow ships done. Also got antiproton beams as well.

boff layout

UNI - Science officer
hazard emitters
science team

LT tac
FAW, attack pattern beta, TS 3

ensign tac
tactical team

Commander engineering
EPTS, eng team, rev shield polarity, EWP
EPTW, aux to structural, directed energy modulation

Any ideas will be great. Thanks.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
11-22-2012, 11:09 PM
Well, one thing I would do is run three phaser relays in your tac console slots and drop the borg console in place of the eng field emitter.

I can't speak to pvp since I have virtually no experience with it. i also do not have the regent, just the standard and mirro ACs, but, am looking very seriously at buying one. with that in mind i would base it off my current AC build tweaked for the diff Boffs:

equipment at mk XI or better

fore: 3x phaser B/A, WAQL
Aft: 4X phaser B/A

eng: EPS, borg, neutronium X2

Sci: Field gen X2

Tac: Phaser relay X3

devices: frequency mod., aux batt, shield batt, whatever else for the last slot, RMC if you have

Tac: TT1, FAW2, TS3 (or if you have purple TT doffs: FAW TS2 APB3)
Ens Tac: TT1

Com Eng: ET1, EPS2, RSP2, Aux2SIF3
Lt Eng EPW1, EPS2

Lt sci: HE1, TSS

just my .02, your mileage may vary.
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# 3
11-23-2012, 03:49 AM
the thing what I like about the ac is that it is a well balanced ship with the boff layout balanced with dps and tanking but to compete with powerful ships it needs a bit more of a bite. With the ac refit if drops a eng level to boost its tac power, tbh i think they should of dropped the commander eng boff down to ltc instead of droping ltc to lt. Being doing some research on the fleet weapons and elite fleet weapons, does anyone know if they are good? Also what does everyone think about If I add the Spiral Wave Disruptors? Need something to compete with those pesky escorts which can now tank a lot better then a cruiser and still has a bite.
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# 4
11-23-2012, 06:13 AM
Ehrlehn's build is very similar to what I would have suggested, with a few minor tweaks, it's a solid build and once you're used to it you can make a few tweaks for personal taste.

It's worth mentioning that you could drop the Borg console all together now, it's not part of the Borg set anymore. I still use it for the bonuses, but it's no longer necessary.
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# 5
11-23-2012, 06:48 AM
okay will drop the borg console but what about boast dps, atm im using mark 12 borg phasers and suggested to change to Spiral Wave Disruptors, what does everyone think. Also for science which is better science team or transfer shield strength?
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# 6
11-23-2012, 06:59 AM
First off, for Spiral Wave Disruptors you need to have the Galor on that toon. Without it, you can't get them, period, so far as I know.

Second, the Borg console is probably not all that useful (as per prior posters) without the Borg bonuses.

Third, you didn't give us your shield/deflector/engine?

Fourth, the weapon loadout is similar to what I use, and I consider it very effective.

Fifth, for consoles, I personally run two RCS, and two neutroniums for engineering. I would suggest that you ditch the EPS, since it's only useful for a few special situations these days, and put something else in. My personal bias in science consoles is to stuff them full of field generators for higher shield HP, but I could be wrong with that. The tactical consoles, as others have stated, should be all the energy type you're using (this is good advice in general for almost any layout, really).

As per BOffs:

Personally I would strongly suggest that you consider swapping to a higher level of EPtS and a lower level of EPtW, and rotate two copies of each continuously. You ought to be able to hit 125 if you're using a weapon-centric power distribution (although the weapon power supposedly helps over 125 in terms of the reduction of firing multiple beam arrays) and you've properly spec'd into warp core potential and weapon performance. I also STRONGLY recommend Aux2SIF3, it gives you a huge resistance boost and a reliable hull repair of decent size every 15 seconds, and best of all you don't need two copies to do a constant rotation. Eject Warp Plasma is iffy - I'd personally only have level 1 for that if you must have it.

If you're a tac, I would suggest that you consider changing out the Lt. Cmdr tac positon's TS3 for APO1 or APB2, as hopefully you've spec'd into the attack pattern skills, and APO is good for escaping tractor beams (not the biggest concern in a cruiser, but it IS there). DEM is of somewhat questionable efficacy; I would skip it unless you're a DPS-boost starved engineer.

Also, the Conn DOffs that help Tac Team also boost your attack patterns skill - VERY useful, in addition to freeing up a precious tac ability slot. You may also consider Shield Distro DOffs (purple, from Rolar Nebula) to turn Brace For Impact into a roll-of-the-dice shield repair, and a purple warp core engineer (if you decide to take up continuous emergency power rotation) for a possible all-systems power boost every time you use an emergency power ability.

These are, of course, all ideas, and may not work for your setup or what you're trying to do. Good luck!

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# 7
11-23-2012, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by raj011 View Post
okay will drop the borg console but what about boast dps, atm im using mark 12 borg phasers and suggested to change to Spiral Wave Disruptors, what does everyone think. Also for science which is better science team or transfer shield strength?
Already addressed spiral waves in my last post.

Science team is going to conflict with tactical team. I don't know if I'd ditch it, but that's definitely going to work against it big-time. I can say TSS, while I have it on my engineer and it HAS helped, isn't all THAT impressive, and I usually use it on allies. Personally I use Polarize Hull to give tractor beams the slip.

The Borg Console's DPS boosting, I think, you can PROBABLY do without (I forget the exact stats, but at least the +5 weapon power can be made up for with management of EPtW).
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11-23-2012, 07:46 AM
yeah I know how to acquire the Spiral Wave disruptors but I should of said do they perform similar or better to the borg mark 12 phasers? As for deflector engine and shield normally use borg def, borg engine aor maco shield or maco def, borg eng and maco shield again. Sometimes used the omega deflector for increase to targeting systems.

Thanks red01999
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11-23-2012, 09:06 AM
The thing about Spiral Wave Disruptors is with their bonuses ([DMGx2][ACCx2]) they have some of the best base damage in the game. With disruptor consoles and high weapon power it's not unusual for me to do 2k damage a hit under the right circumstances.

The Borg weapons are ok, but are pretty much just MK XII rares. I never really saw much of a difference using them compared to the regular MK XIIs, I've even heard rumors that the [Borg] proc is broken.

I'd suggest you try both and make your own decisions, but I find Spirals MUCH more consistent.
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11-23-2012, 09:59 AM
Engineer Captain, Maxed Threat Gen for tanking.

1 DBB, 2 BA, WA Torp - Fore
4 BA - Aft

MACO Shield
MACO Deflector
Borg Engine

Weap Batt, Eng Batt, Shield Batt, Field Mod

ENG - 4x Neutronium
SCI - Borg, Riker
TAC - 3x Energy Damage

LTC Tac - TT1, FAW2, BO3
Ensign Tac - TT1
CMD Engi - EPtS1, RSP1, X2SIF2, Warp Plasma 3
LT Engi - EPtW1, X2Damp1
LT Uni - HE1, TSS2

I often swap out another Sci with HE1 and Repulsors depending on what I am doing.
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