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One of the biggest things that bugs me about playing STO is that outside of Kerrat and Otha, and the PvP/E queues, I pretty much never really get to interact with other players from the other faction. I see them running around on DS9 or Drozana occasionally, or occasionally fight alongside them in STFs, but I never really interact with them beyond that. With all the costumes, colourful designs, and interesting setups and gear that you can get, I think it'd be really interesting if we could see that sort of give back to the game.

Thus, this idea.

Basically, what would happen is the game would (ideally) pick a random enemy faction toon whenever it has to generate a 'boss' character that would otherwise not have a specific name (for instance, feds facing 'Dahar Master' NPCs or similar level KDF toons)

Then, it'd substitute the character model (and maybe weapons/visual gear) for the boss toon. It'd also add the character's name, but not the player name or fleet name or anything like that. Although doing a 'info' on the toon would tell you who it belongs to, maybe.

This, I feel, would spice up the monotony of the missions involving the enemy factions- or heck, even for rebel/mirror enemies.

Rather than just generic captains or the like, the entire game of characters is opened up. Obviously these would still be balanced as boss mobs and not as players of course.

I really think it'd be cool if this or something like this could be done (perhaps a 'voting system' where you can 'like' (or not) a player's toon, and a toon with enough likes gets into the pool that the system draws from.


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