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Our fleet is almost 2 years old and we like to do big things in the game. Tonight is our 2012 Fleet Winter Event and your all invited.

2330 (GMT), PM @Zypher2011, @lostime, @mike0523
Gets updates on the event by following us on Twitter: STOFleet

Tonight at 2300 (GMT), we will be inviting party goers to our Starbase where we are trying to create the biggest EVER gathering on a Fleet Starbase. That is about 12 hours from when I post this for those of you in various time-zones.

Get An Invite#
Between 2300 GMT (12 hours from now) and 0100, please look for invites on Earth Space Dock or PM the players displayed on the page linked above and ask for invite to our Starbase Party.

If you do not get a PM reply please send a friend request then send PM, sometimes PM are not received until friend ed.

We will have our very own Santa (if you don't do Christmas just ignore the suit ) and they will be giving away lots of items. The only catch is to get on our dance floor with your party poppers, Snowman pets and help us create the party suitable for a good video on YouTube first. Our fleet has complete all Limited projects including the dance-floor which has a DJ we can activate manually.

Per opportunity for those of you who have never been in a fleet or are in a small one to see the potential of Fleet Starbases and what they have to offer by having a look around the entire base.

Here are some of the items Santa will have in his sack...
  • Fed Cadre
  • Klingon Cadre
  • Winter Jackets
  • Federation Scarfs
  • XII Purple Consoles
  • Energy Credits (maybe 1 million per giveaway)

Promote STO
This event is not just to promote our Fleet or for our members to have fun but it is another chance to show the doubters and trolls we see around the internet that the game is going strong. That we know of there has not been a super large Starbase gathering, we have not heard of a full instance. If we could fill an instance, the screenshots and video will look great.
  1. This event can only fail if you don't show up!
  2. Wear your best party outfit or Santa costume if you like.
  3. Bring party poppers and any other items that can add to the fun.
  4. Comment on the YouTube once it is uploaded and blog about the event.

We have around 30 slots out of 500 on our roster right now. We will take the opportunity to welcome new members who are attracted to the Assimilated Initiative by what we do. You simply need to be mature. We make no demands in our fleet. A fleet made up of full-time fathers, professionals, students and just about anyone really.

Just ask to join when you visit our Starbase.

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# 2
12-15-2012, 03:59 AM
Very nice will try to be there
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# 3
12-15-2012, 04:12 AM
Heheh, it's a good idea but you should send out the invitation earlier!

Spend some time creating some buzz around it, maybe get in contact with some of the folks doing podcasts, mail fleet leaders etc.

If I am on I will spam my fleet about it.

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# 4
12-15-2012, 04:16 AM
Sounds fun. I'll try to join, and will make a post on my fleet's forum.

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12-15-2012, 04:38 AM
This is going to be one awesome event. It will be fun for the STO community as a whole to get together and have fun, while having a chance to win prizes.

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12-15-2012, 04:39 AM
Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Heheh, it's a good idea but you should send out the invitation earlier!

Spend some time creating some buzz around it, maybe get in contact with some of the folks doing podcasts, mail fleet leaders etc.

If I am on I will spam my fleet about it.
We'll probably start posting about the event around 2230.

Be nice if we could mail actual invites that can be responded to at anytime, maybe a feature for Cryptic to add.

I've adjusted the time. Aiming to start it by 2300 but we seem to have a lot of members in the US just getting on the computer by then so I want to give them a little more time to prepare and take instructions from me.

Thanks for the support to those replying so far. I will be monitoring the number of instances. Can only hope this is such a success we fill two instances and a record is set for any fleet to try beating in future

Take that as a challenge but please don't overlap your events with ours lol
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# 7 Staggered Invite Period
12-15-2012, 07:25 AM
Just sent out a lot of tweets to fleets.

I wanted to mention somewhere that I'm staggering the invite time just a little. We have had interest from fleet leaders which could mean a lot of PM's sent to our members all at once.

So 2300 we will start trying to get anyone keen on being there early and hanging around on Starbase, especially our own members who can in turn handle the invites.

2330 is the official time to request invite on to our base.

2345 is another time being sent out when we are inviting larger fleets or posting on busy other busy game forums.
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12-16-2012, 02:01 AM
This was Awesome.

Hope to see more epic events like this in the future!

Took some screenshots of the evening i thought i'd share

Waiting in line for Santa! :
Dualing with Borris:
Ice Shower!:
Creating Lense flares on the bridge:

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