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I'm really enjoying the PvE content based on defending fleet bases or vessels travelling around them. No doubt the whole thing will grow in time.

However I see a consistent flaw in much of the PvE content especially in fleet related events.

A player can use an asset in every round, drop turrets, go to every effort to heal team mates, heal starbase if applicable, heal transporters if applicable.


A player can do nothing but fly around shooting, maybe drunk, maybe worse. Yet still get the same rewards.

I'm really sensing someone has covered this and you guys have made the decision to let players get an easy ride in this game for the sake of keeping slow people or lazy people, happy. Is there another explanation as to why everything in the game is all about equal reward despite matches being made up of random players through a queuing system?

I don't like it one bit.

However I understand the issues that would come with the base reward varying. Doesn't mean the person on the team dishing out the highest DPS can't get an extra reward, even just a little EC. The person who does the most healing and buffing (to team, friendly npc, objective objects) should also get little something extra.

Please just make my effort on keeping my tray busy a little more worth it and I'll fly around like a maniac.

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