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01-21-2013, 04:22 PM
I am not in your fleet, but I ran some missions with you guys and had a lot of fun. Your new member seems happy enough. Hope to see you again in game.
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01-21-2013, 06:31 PM
In my experience there are always two sides to the story, especially if you and Bluebeard say it has been going on for months! Have you tried contacting the said fleet's leader to try to work things out? Sometimes an allied fleet is better than an enemy one. It isnt good to try to make the situation worse with posts like this. At least if you contact them and try, you know you are trying to be the bigger person regardless of both sides of the story. If they reject your olive branch then at least you have tried! Sometimes a little communication can go a long way, you might be surprised.
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01-21-2013, 06:45 PM
My fleet has had ZERO dealings with your fleet, i started it after I left yours. We are the "STO Space Pirates" so if you are going to bash my fleet with things that arnt true it shows the true nature of your fleet! If its another fleet and you have us confused then I agree with hookers, you need to at least contact them because something has clearly happen for you to piss them off AND vice versa. The people on this game are generally here just to have fun, so maybe if you approach it differently you might make a friend instead of losing one. If you were considering a merge there was obviously some sort of friendship that started it, why would you throw that away just to hate eachother?
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01-21-2013, 06:55 PM
BLUEbeard, you are just poking a bear that has already been poked. You may have nothing to do with the fleet they are talking about but there are clearly some harsh feelings over something that they need to resolve here. From your PM your pirate fleet didnt sound like the type of fleet I am looking for anyways. But, if these folks manage to work out there differences with the fleet they are talking about I would consider joining with them since Ive had more response from them than the other fleets in-game. I just dont want to get involved with a fleet that already has an enemy. Can one of you contact me in-game? I would like to learn more about what your fleet offers (thats honestly all i was saying about the video , wanted more info). I am very new so I would like a fleet that has experienced players to teach me more about the dynamics of the game. Hope the two of you work out your differences.
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01-21-2013, 07:46 PM
bluebeard I do apologize then b/c yes, it is another fleet that we have had issuse with. Not the one you mention you're in now. However, I am still saying we never had you as a member of our fleet. Unless you alt was the person who posted on the 1st page of this post asking to join the "lords of darkness". B/c that is the only person we received an app from but declined due to there is no dark lords in the mirror universe. If that isn't your alt then I'm sorry, but we never had anyone join and leave other than said fleet that we're having trouble with b/c they were trying to see if they could steal from our bank. It is in fact their leader who is the main instigator of this whole mess.

captainhookers I apologize to you too if we're the only fleet you have had this much contact with ya and it's been all THIS but I do not think you'd be a good match for us... since your 1st post you siad, "Personally I am hoping for a fleet that can offer me more than duplicated video content and a standard guildlaunch/enjin site." but then turned around and edited it out... (not smart enought to realize your OP was quoted twice)

Honestly we're not bad ppl and as i've said so many times bluebeard's comment was out of the "blue" haha and we honestly have not had him in our fleet. you claim it was your alt, doesn't matter if the @handle is the same. unless you made a completely new account which is still odd. you are either liying or have us mixed up with another fleet. now, I have noticed that there is another fleet named "dark mirror alliance" so perhaps that is the fleet you join bluebeard?

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01-25-2013, 07:03 AM
Serenity don't you know better than to feed trolls!?lol on a funnier note... thanks to these two we have had an explotion of applacations in the past week since this started... so much in fact that we are currently holding off on any more recruiting due to we want to maintain a small fleet status. Last count was at 32 applacations! Between this and wanting to hold off until our new site is finnished being built, we're not sure when we'll be recruiting again since, as stated before, we've never had anyone leave whos joined. But I'm sure we'll be looking for new members of the family soon enough.

Good day all and long live the Empire!

Edit: any further attempt at trolling will be 100% ignored. And thx in advance for keep our post on the main page.

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