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# 1 Which way to go?
11-23-2012, 08:56 PM
I want to get one of the c store ships. I cannot decide if i want the odyssey pack, the vesta pack, or maybe get the regent and either the carrier or the nebula. I do want to be able to use it across all three officers, sci eng and tact.

What are the pros and cons for each?

Oh and i have the chimera already if that matters.
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# 2
11-24-2012, 04:10 AM
Why does everyone ignore the Excelsior?

Biggest cruiser around
Is hard to kill
Uni boff slots
Console slots

Doesn't move (negates it's higher hull)

New tac cruiser
Torp launcher
Uni boffs
Turns well

Flimsy (Outperformed in my exp by it's predecessor)
Console can backfire (If your opponent knows how)

Latest production
Turn rate
Boff layout

Low hull

The older tac cruiser
Moves well
Boff layout (Aside from ensign eng, I'd rather have sci)
Console layout
Harder to kill than the Regent (While putting out similar DPS)
Cheaper than all the rest

Is a little weaker (defensively) with a tactical captain (Can do a lot of damage in that time)
Eng lack some of the offence boost that tacs bring (Can last longer and prop up DPS for longer)
(I can't speak for sci, my sci hasn't flown one)
Console comes with the CMDR version (though by VA it's not useful)

I can't speak for the others
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# 3
11-24-2012, 04:15 AM
Heck, my Excelsior is a real work horse. Best damn ship I ever had!

And I've tried others.

( Yeah, I know, don't turn it into a Excelsior thread, but SHE IS AWESOME!)

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# 4
11-24-2012, 11:09 AM
I get you guys.. i just don't LIKE the excelsior. looks ugly to me
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# 5
11-24-2012, 11:28 AM
Vesta is fantastic, trust me, you can make it unkillable!
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# 6
11-24-2012, 11:50 AM
I have flown both the Excelsior and the Regent, and I prefer the Regent for its BOFF layout and power distribution.

Considering it has a LT Uni, you could slot another Tac or Engi further tilts the Regent in my favor.

I have never had the Riker Manuever backfire on me, even if I end up trailing a cloud of exploding gas from an AOE (Friendly or not) it does not seem to have a detremental effect on my ship.

Just like my Regent and my Excelsior are equally hard to kill, I cannot see how the Regent is anymore fragile.
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# 7
11-24-2012, 11:54 AM
I love my Vesta ( I got the 3pack )

prior to the vesta I used the Fleet Deep Space Science Vesel and prior to that was the Fleet Advanced Research vessel (Nebula) and prior to that was the Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit (nebula)...

but then again im a science captain so my ship choice was just a logical progression... Nebula did one thing... the Fleet Nebula did that better, then the Fleet DSSV did the nebula's job better and ALSO opened me up for other fun things to play with.... and the Vesta is just at this time the best of the bunch.... I could even live without the flight deck....and cannons since I dont use them anyway.....

my vote is for the vesta as you can use it for Tac, Engi, or Science captains well and competently
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# 8 Vesta..
11-24-2012, 12:52 PM
I like my Vesta, I have the Aventine [Tac], and if you use power siphon, then spike your Aux power and fire the quantum focus phaser, you can melt Tac Cubes in seconds. The Vesta has an exelent shield system. She can also produce a whole lot of DPS with the right consoles. The single downside, the hull, but thats just there to make shure you dont take on the whole universe...
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# 9
11-24-2012, 01:11 PM
The Vesta series also has two additional advantages:
1) hangar bays
2) access to dual (heavy) cannons, with the turn rate to use them effectively

The hangars are quite good when using Danube Runabouts due to their tractor beams.

I tried thr aux cannons but couldn't optimize them as well as conventional DHC's.

Subsystem targetting and sensor anaysis combined with everything else really makes the Vesta stand out, not to mention its universal boff stations.
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# 10
11-26-2012, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by annemarie30 View Post
I want to get one of the c store ships. I cannot decide if i want the odyssey pack, the vesta pack, or maybe get the regent and either the carrier or the nebula. I do want to be able to use it across all three officers, sci eng and tact.

What are the pros and cons for each?

Oh and i have the chimera already if that matters.
Adamkafei has good info, and here's some more stuff in case you've yet to make your decision:

Odyssey Pack
- Base model provides a definitive "space whale" cruiser experience.
- It's HUGE
- It's the next Enterprise
- Custom bridge
- Saucer separation on the Eng Ody is ace

- It's a space whale
- The 3-console set bonus is kind of junky compared to the Vesta's
- Can't deploy the saucer and Aquarius at the same time
- All 3 models look identical so you're essentially buying diff. console layouts and gimmicks

Vesta Pack
- Extremely versatile thanks to universal boffs and layout
- Very high shields
- Hangars!
- Cool gimmicks, 3 different skins, and useful console set bonuses (compared with odyssey)
- Can equip cannons. With the right build it can push Escort-level DPS
- Special Aux DHCs and the turn rate to use them effectively

- Can do almost anything...except hull tank
- Aux DHCs can be difficult to optimize for can't be used on any other ship type
- Tactical gimmick not too useful unless you're specced right
- No special bridge
- Canon nerds look down upon people who like the Destiny novels
- The hangars are slow

- Guaranteed to get a Fleet version sooner or later, so you're buying into a future discount if that's your thing.
- Cool new look (not everyone agrees, though)
- wide-angle torp launcher can be used on any ship (great to combo with broadside beam boats) or other slow turners.
- Metreon gas gimmick is very pretty
- Boff layout brings it more in lilne with the Excelsior's viability (finally)

- Performance difference not as dramatic, calls value to question
- Can be flimsy if you go all-tac with the Boff slots and don't have Eng or Sci powers to compensate
- Metreon gas not so useful, tends to get popped early
- Some people hate forward-swept pylons

- Still very viable, arguably the best "tactical cruiser" in the game
- Cheap
- Classic design
- Native transwarp gimmick useful for getting around

- VERY OLD, lore-wise, so much so that it sticks out like a sore thumb because it's still quite good. I think that's the reason a lot of folks ignore it. It's like taking WW1 weapons into a future-warfare shooter and finding they're still just as effective.
- You need to buy both versions to access both skins, and neither skin looks especially different from the other

- Biggest ship in the game!
- Very pretty, unique appearance for a Fed boat. Almost looks like the Andromeda ship.
- Stalker fighters
- The only pure Fed carrier
- A unique gameplay experience compared to the standard Fed Cruiser/Escort/SV trinity.

- Can't turn!
- It's bigger than an Ody but doesn't have the hull to match
- No gimmick (unless you count the fighters)
- No fleet version
- No unique bridge
- Depending on your graphical settings, the base material can be almost invisible in Sector Space or low-lighting areas. Good or bad depending on your outlook.
- Stalker fighters aren't actually that great, and are restricted to the Atrox
- Can't use Frigate/BoP pets (though nobody on Fed side can)
- Arguably the least effective dedicated carrier (though it's not as if you have a choice, unless you have millions of EC or hundreds of Lobi to blow on a Tholian Recluse)
- At the base price of 2.5k Zen, it's arguably the lowest value-for-money C-store ship

- Stats-wise, the 2nd best escort in the game, following the Jem'Hadar Bug
- Interesting Boff setup
- Popular design
- Cool gimmick
- Buying it also gets you some good early-level gear and the best Tier 0 ship in the game
- 10 consoles!
- During the temporary sale, was less than 50% the cost of any other C-store ship

- Still inferior to the Bug (but that's hardly a knock against it)
- No alternate skins
- No universal Boff stations
- Needs a kinda roundabout way to purchase (must buy "Steam Starter Pack" via Steam, then redeem the code on PWE site)
- I don't like that the Deflector is hanging in its "nutsack"

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