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# 1 Dilithium Change Proposal
11-23-2012, 09:24 PM
Following on the heels of recent Dilithium changes, I have written up a spreadsheet of suggested additional changes, to bring in additional sources of Fleet Marks, as well as harmonising the rewards across different types of content.

As Cryptic have done with Fleet Actions, I have applied a similar change to Exploration whereby exploring Ground-based missions would provide additional Dilithium, compared to the Space-based counterpart. I feel this is necessary, since Space is definitely the more popular aspect of STO, and many may choose to "skip" a Ground mission. Incentivizing Ground missions with additional rewards may be the best (current) solution to having players play both the Ground and Space portions of the game.

In my spreadsheet (if it's not apparent), I have suggested the removal of limiting Exploration/Fleet Defense to a set amount of Dilithium, since we still have a Dilithium refining cap of 8'000 Dilithium. Instead, completing the first 3 systems explored/defended would award the Daily bonus (50 Fleet Marks), and each subsequent system would award 1/3rd of it's previous Daily value (1440 / 3 = 480).

I hope the spreadsheet is accessable to all. Feel free to suggest additional changes.

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