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Namely those usable ground abilities a good portion of species can choose. I know ground in this game isn't exactly...top notch, but what do you all think of these extra powers, in a way?

Here are all of them for you all first off:

(But only the ones we can use on our players, not BOFFs)

Bite (Gorn only) - A physical damage and toxic attack. Is also an exploit attack, and has the shortest cooldown of any of the abilities on this list (15 seconds).

Borg Neural Blast (Liberated Borg only) - Essentially a slow and stun. It reduces movement by 2/3's, with a 50% chance to stun for a few seconds. Can expose an enemy.

Mind Meld (Vulcans only) - A brief stun, followed by a hard-to-resist confuse on the enemy, but can only be used at melee range. Can expose an enemy. It's CD can be reduced with the Dr. Sibak DOFF.

Nerve Pinch (Vulcans only) - A guaranteed, longer lasting stun than with Mind Meld, also used at melee range; can also expose an enemy, but has no other effects.

Pounce (Caitains and Ferasans) - A leaping attack, which can exploit an enemy, and almost always knocks them back a few feet.

Rapture (Letheans only) - Does psionic damage to the target, completely bypassing shields. If the target is exposed, this attack can exploit the target and if they die to the exploit hit, it will vaporize them. On top of that, it has a 40% chance to give an unresistable stun on the target. It's CD can be reduced with the Dr. Sibak DOFF.

Seduce (Orion Females only) - Can confuse an enemy, and also expose them, but has no other effect. Can be used from a distance however.

Spirit Walk (Rigelians only) - Provides a Damage resistance buff and HoT when used.

Telekinetic (Letheans, or Aliens for either side) - Does a small amount of physical damage, but provides a large, guaranteed knockback. Can also expose a target. It's CD can be reduced by the Dr. Sibak DOFF.

(If I forgot any, feel free to let me know)

So, now for my thoughts:

Bite: Nice, the short CD is good too, but the real problem is getting in range. Most things like to kill you quickly, and most bosses have ways to making sure you can't get close. So nice, but it's more gimped because of how the game is, than the ability being bad. 2.5/5

Neural Blast: A slow effect is almost always worthwhile, with a good chance of a stun, certainly nice regardless. 3/5

Mind Meld: Biggest problem here is again the melee range, but if the confusion does work, it can make a big baddie, like an elite tac fire on his buddies and really lay down a hurting to them, all the while getting shot at by you still. 3.5/5

Nerve Pinch: A guaranteed stun, but again, melee range, even so, it's good to use. 2.75/5

Pounce: Not the most damage dealing, but it's really good if you need to close a distance very quickly, plus it is still a potential exploit attack. 2.75/5

Rapture: A potent attack, and my favorite on this list. The damage it deals ignore shields, can still be buffed by tactical buffs, along with being a potential exploit attack AND it can still get criticals along with flanking damage if applicable. Plus, on top of all that, it can still have a good chance to give an unresistable stun. 4/5

Seduce: A confuse power from a slight distance. The only problem isn't so much the confuse, but the fact that it tends not to work very often, mostly on tougher enemies. Even so, it's at least an expose chance. 2.25/5

Spirit Walk: Arguably the most useful for all the abilities here, because it's a guaranteed heal over time and damage resistance buff. I don't think those are affected by skills or other traits, but it's still highly useful if you can step out of fire for a moment to let it work since the HoT is too slow to counter a stream of damage. Still highly useful IMO. 4.25/5

Telekinetic: The real nice thing here is the knockback. The damage is a pittance, but knocking something really far is what you want. The expose is a bonus on top of that. 2.75/5
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I remain empathetic to the concerns of my community, but do me a favor and lay off the god damn name calling and petty remarks. It will get you nowhere.
I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.
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11-24-2012, 01:07 AM
What do I think?

I don't care that my Lethean can do a mind attack, because
1.) the damage is trivial on boss type enemies and weak enemies die easily anyway
2.) the attack is slow and clumsy and leaves me unable to defend myself
3.) the secondary stun will never work or last on anything that you want it to and
4.) the cooldown is so long that I can only use it once or twice even when I remember I have it.

If it was an unresistable disable that shut enemies down like the !@#$ing salt vampires use on Mine Trap, and had a 1 minute cooldown instead of 3 minutes, then I'd actually start to use it tactically.

I care that my Gorn can bite people because
1.) the damage can reach into the hundreds when used as an Exploit
2.) the attack is quick and doesn't leave me helpless
3.) the ability takes full effect and nothing seems to be immune to it
4.) the cooldown is short so I can use it like one of my kit abilities and rely on it being generally available.

I spend a lot of time meleeing with my Gorn, and the bite attack is a great useful ability for him. It can very quickly eliminate a weak enemy if one gets exposed when I use my tricorder scan or AOE blade-flailing, or be worked into a combo of moves as a finisher on larger tougher enemies.

And the rest I haven't tried. But most of what I've seen suggests that they fall into the first, pointless, category.
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11-24-2012, 01:43 AM
It's also about the right spec.

I'd respec all my characters knowing what I know now.

Albeit I'd say most if not all of the active race traits are most optimal for a tank.

Like I have a vulcan engineer that rarely goes up close in combat and my tank is an alien so I get no extra stuns on it

Both equally worthless

But telekinesis or bite might actually be somewhat useful for a tank stunning your aggroed target and preventing it from doing damage.

In the end though I am animation fixated so anything that has an animation is great no matter how useless it is dps wise.

The caitian leap attack I never saw though I play a lot of ground.

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11-24-2012, 04:09 AM
They're terrible.

1. They're Ground traits. That alone gives them negative utility: their utility is lower than the opportunity cost of getting 4 Space traits.
2. They're active abilities. If they had a bigger effect or much lower recast, this could be overcome, but overall they're all less helpful than passives.
3. Most of them are melee abilities. That'd be fine in a medieval-themed game, but in a Space-age game filled with all manner of ranged weaponry it's ludicrous.
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11-24-2012, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
3.) the ability takes full effect and nothing seems to be immune to it
Sadly the borg adapt to it..

You can see if when you have one of the little 'apadted to' stamped on your status, this case, 'adapted to TOXINS' >.>. .....

But yeah i love the bite! when something is sufficiently debuffed and exposed, you can bite it and not only deal extreme damage (1k was my hilarious highest so far) but you can VAPORIZE too!! a bite is so potent the borg got vaporised XD
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11-24-2012, 05:16 AM
Bite (Gorn only) Love it, only downside it makes ALL your traits ground, i like a 2/2 ground/space for vairety

Borg Neural Blast (Liberated Borg only) - Never tried.

Mind Meld (Vulcans only) - Had a boff that did it, wasnt THAT bad.. seduce much better imo.

Nerve Pinch (Vulcans only) - Never seen/used ^^'.

Pounce (Caitains and Ferasans) - Annoyinng when used against me , especially as a tank sci, almost guarneteed knockdown = less healing and possible death.

Rapture (Letheans only) - An interetsting enough move, in elite stfs useless though, too long cooldown, not enough damage, ironically i just lost my lethean in an unfortunate transporter 'accident' .

Seduce (Orion Females only) - MALES can use it too btw ;p, LOVE LOVE LOVE!, be an eng on elite stfs.. seduce and elite = huge gun on your side, then weapon malfunction him after seduce wears off, all about controling 'dem elities ;p.

Spirit Walk (Rigelians only) - Not very useful, always better to hit a hypo, ironically i had a rigellian female whom ALSO had a transporter 'accident' >.

Telekinetic (Letheans, or Aliens for either side) - Was handy when i was new to STF Infected ground, extra borg in the drink so to say,.. but i find on on of my more favored toons, his telekinesis is never used.

You did however overlook one Player racial specific ability if i remeber...

Betazoids - Pacification
From what i gather its a one-person 'jam sensors' or neural neutrilizer, overall not that worth it.. but i can see a SCI capatain running into a pvp match neural neut' a group and pacifiying someone he missed to be invisible to ground pvpers
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11-24-2012, 05:58 AM
I think with the exception of Seduce and Mind Meld, most racials are kind of underwhelming unless you want one for a roleplay or thematic purpose. I also think that compared to the list of traits available there are better choices that overshadow the racials too.
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11-24-2012, 06:31 AM
Just want to chime in for love of Bite as well.

I took it at first as a joke for my Gorn but damn has it ever been helpful. Since most mobs love to get into melee range with you it's useable a lot more often then you'd think. Damage scales with tac buffs and I have seen crits over 1k, I don't know how the toxin effect interacts with crits since the tooltip seems to always show it doing the exact damage as the bite itself.
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11-24-2012, 08:14 AM
I've only tested bite, pounce and rapture.

In my opinion bite and pounce are fun and effective but rapture is very underwhelming. It does crap damage on a very long cooldown (at least other racial abilities got a reduced cd at some point but not rapture).

Lethean need some love (no ships, no costumes), I think it would be cool to remove the stun and the cd on rapture so you can use it to deal damage (and no it wouldn't be op because weapons are much more powerful).
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11-24-2012, 11:23 AM
Well, to start, it appears that I didn't give Bite the love it deserved. I have a Gorn with Bite, and I wasn't impressed with it, but I will give it a second look. Sucks that Borg can adapt to the toxic damage though.

Yes though, I know that they take up trait slots, and you could choose better things, etc etc. I think if these things were innate, meaning they came with the species you choose (the exception would be aliens not getting telekinesis), and wouldn't take up slots. But other basic traits, like a Vulcan having logical, would still take up a slot accordingly. That'd make them a little more...accessible, but far from OP.

But are you sure Orion males can use Seduce?

I didn't forget Pacification though, that ability is only on Betazoid BOFFs, not characters.

That all aside, Letheans could use some love of some kind, they don't have any ships or costumes unique to them. I don't think Ferasans do either.
Originally Posted by pwlaughingtrendy
I remain empathetic to the concerns of my community, but do me a favor and lay off the god damn name calling and petty remarks. It will get you nowhere.
I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.

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