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I like the sound of the new fleet doffs.

However I will not purchase those doffs from c-store as long as I have the option to use 5 space or 5 ground doffs that enhance combat.

I don't see the logic in adding a doff for more skill points when I could just kill the enemy quicker with the help of 8 red shirts and so on.

Any chance of some special active duty slots for ground and space. Only for people in fleets and only for fleet doffs? Possibly offer them through embassy tiers which I know already gives more assignments?

My thought was even to give 1 such active duty slot per reputation department i.e. New Romulus tier 5 could give such a special slot. I suppose how its done is the job of your guys.

All I'm saying is the way I play and my setup on my toons is not to start removing my space or ground doffs as they are setup right now. I don't want to mess about with them up and change my combat performance which has been our way of playing for 3 years.

Could the first purchase of a fleet doff pack not even give just 1 "special active duty slot" for a fleet doff? Come on, do it

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