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# 1 Season 8 visions
11-24-2012, 07:05 PM
- near future astronaut adventurer/privateer immersion
- group interaction ,co-op\pve\pvp\vs. maps
- more dynamic and interactive universe.
- local rewards, local tasks (trade, diplomacy, player impact)
- more random events/alerts
- More factions
- More adventure zones

How?, you ask ,,,, read on......

Reputation mod: ( local pvp officer with a local vendor\token reward system )
To create an npc reputation officer, at major map locations. This officer facilitates Alert map pvp/pve queues between maps. Participating players would recieve alerts , when a local alert was ready to be played, much like the red alerts in new romulus this would queue players from different maps, and factions.

- npc reputation officer can go in any current map location
- npc reputation officer indicates that this location has entry to a local alert map (dynamic alert).
- npc reputation officer manages Alert pvp queues.
- Player's queue for "Alert " missions via the NPC reputation officer
- NPC Reputation officer queues attackers against queued defenders in other maps
- NPC Reputation officer gives rewards for red alert participation with local reward tokens ( non transferable )
- Local reward tokens give access to, local low price vendors, local special vendors , local special item collection zones (dilithium farm), access to special exploration zones, access local lore (trivia), and local story missions.

** originally I was thinking of an invisible rating system connected to reputation. Giving officers bonuses for the area's they play in the most, however that seems more complex to implement with this game engine**


Red Alert Mod: (local pvp raid and defense system)
Red Alerts, that connect participating players from different maps and factions with a
location and faction relevant pve/pvp combat scenario.

- red alert instances that players can create\queue for via an reputation officer
- mostly pve missions with pvp support on both sides.
- npc reputation officers in each map connected to the pvp queues
* sending attacking players to maps where the defenders are queued
- red alert maps and scenarios should be localized to reflect the regions of space they represent.
- needed: new scenarios, maps, random enemies
- extended alerts that are multi map, multi stage epic battles
- the defending team, usually determines the map location.
- Active alerts are represented on a map with a with the Red Alert warning tab or combat graphic , so other players can join in the active defense or attack.
- Attackers and defenders both receive local reputation tokens from the place they initiated their queue.
- winning defenders get the most.


Yellow\blue alert mod:

These Alerts are more pve/pvp co-op based missions. The main focus on sci-fi , trade ,diplomatic, trade, commodity, disaster relief style alerts. Combat may be a secondary part to these scenarios

- Global random Alerts: ( blue\yellow alerts ).
- Events\disasters That need a player or team presence.
- npc reputation officers in each map connected to the pvp queues
- npc reputation officer sending players to maps where to the Alert location
- mostly pve missions with pvp support on both sides.
- any faction can join the map,
- players could co-op , ? or attacking each other ?
- events type Main foucs geologic, astronomic ,medical,cultural,political,anomalies, discoveries, or trade

* Random chance to see, something cool from star trek shows and maybe rewarded with: alien technology, artifacts, rare materials gathering field.
* not sure if these alerts should be co-op only or not


Planet mod:

To make surface target points on the planets to interact with and have more diverse ground environments


- Create target points on the planets surface to interact with
( float an object inside the planet graphic that players can target )

- planetary surface targets could be locations for scanning, interacting, attacks , travel to , communicated with , mission start points, foundry start points etc....
( this gives multi locations to each planet )


More diverse environments:

- more gravity settings
- under water
- more atmosphere filters
- more weather effects
- unique item collection fields, planetary specialty
- unique planetary resources
- simple ground vehicles ,start with the under water mini sub

Space to ground mod
To create meathods to travel from space to the ground

3 seperate map instances

- current space map , transfer to shuttle and fly to the planet target point

- atmospheric flight ,to landing site ( space controls with atmosphere settings. fly from the top of the map , to mission objective near blurry distant ground. (map for atmospheric combat, or adventure)

- regular shuttle cockpit, perform landing minigame and , then beam to mission map from inside the shuttle
(creating a landing scene out the shuttle windows would be tricky)

3 seperate map instances

- current space map, transfer to shuttle and fly to the planets target point

- shuttle cockpit with an open hatch to jump out into the atmosphere, free fall to the bottom of the map, blurry ground rushing. freefall minigame , with awesome first person free fall effects

- new spawn point at the top of any map, countinue free fall, with a landing graphic, free fall to any map

Fleet Colony Project Mod:

To create fleet supported colony maps

- persistent colony maps
- minor and major colony types
- use fleet marks system to develop upgrades
- map specific duty assinments

Minor colony

- space map only
- build a simple outpost in space
- Customize: planet type, terraforming type , basic advancement toward a major colony, space defense equipment.

After a fleet manages 5 or 10 minor colonies they get to choose one major colony.

Major colony

- Ground map
- Customize \ upgrade \ choose dominant races \ add functions \ add an reputation officer
- add unique star trek features and traits to your fleet colony
- foundry links
- a home for you officer

*** an reputation officer in the outpost/colony allows for red alerts battles to happen in this map.

Fleet voting system mod

- simple voting,,
- An area to type a question for the fleet,
- An area to type three possible solutions.
- A selection toggle for a fleet member to vote on a solution

Virtual engineering mod:
To create working ground versions of ship components and common starfleet equipment

- has a repair sequence
- on/off indicator graphic to interact with.

- Critical repairs can be done manually by virtually fixing

Thruster mod:
use the direction keys for low speed directional thrusters
.... lift, drop, strafe left n right. Done....nuff said

Duty assignment mod:

Integrating the duty officer system into the game by creating theme duty assignment mission combo's that pair a duty assignment with a corresponding playable mission. A successful duty assignment triggers the mission
and vice versa have mission trigger corresponding duty assingments. Just a few key ones per mission type

- Duty officer assignments that can create mission start points or trigger an instant "Alert" map.

- Duty assignments that are similar to or help complete active mission objectives or current map objectives.

- Duty assignments that lead to story or foundry missions via text prompt

- Duty assignments that complete ship repairs or trigger a repair mission

Immersion setting mod:
this mod is to incorporate immersive gameplay practices

- very high pve difficulty
- players join a mission\map as your enemy or friend or based on faction
- ship damage repairs
- collision physics
- unforgiving map respawn timers
- red alert mod
- Yellow\Blue alert mod
- Thruster mod
- Virtual Engineering mod
- manual repair missions for damaged ship components
- Planet mod
- Colony mod
- reputation mod
- Space to Ground Mod
- Text to speech mod
- Voice Command mod

and more

Text To Speech Mod
This mod proposes putting a test to speech system in the game.
This system would place a small icon next to chat windows activating a text to speech reader
and custom voice.

- In game text to speech button next to dialogue
- select custom text to speech voice ( like in windows )
- set custom voices for each officer in the game.

(STO could make voice packs of star trek actors sell them as add on's for the game)

Voice Command Mod

- Use windows speech recognition + windows macros to emulate keyboard keys



in progress, any suggestions ?

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# 2
11-24-2012, 07:16 PM
how is any of this for the KDF as in

When lord, whens gonna be the KDF's time ?
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# 3
11-24-2012, 09:42 PM
A reputation officer could be placed on Qu'nos or any other world.,
Once a reputatioin officer is on a map players can create red alert attack missions ,or defend against red alert attacks.

remember these red alerts are , pve / pvp missions,

klingons could finally start raiding federation worlds !!! yar
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# 4
11-25-2012, 10:52 PM
1) This is Tribble, not general.

2) Season 8 is about featured episodes, kindly stop asking for even moar grind since after season 6 and 7 this is LAST THING WE NEED.
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# 5
11-26-2012, 10:45 AM
1.) where is the best place to post this , I was having trouble finding the right place

2.) The alert mod and reputation officer are about creating a randomized, and optional, pve/pvp scenario that can be played ,versus or co-op. The scenario's are meant to enhance the star trek feel, especially the yellow and blue alerts. The goal also, is to feel like the alerts are generated by the players local area.

- Reward tokens at the end would be a bonus, nothing more.. the local area recognizing your efforts and giving you a discount, or local favor for your efforts


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