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11-14-2012, 10:21 AM
I did it with all optionals on my main with my fleetmates. It's definitely not made for a pug run unless that pug run is formed from the EliteSTF channel. The only thing I can say is to just go into it with a different mindset than you're used to doing with normal stfs. In fact I had to switch to my pvp boff set up when it was phase 2 and 3.
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11-14-2012, 10:26 AM
its funny to see all the tank and spank kiddys freaking out over a STF that actually requires a pull strategy

Phase 1- one person pulls a cube to the team, tries to not aggro the rest of the pack

phase 2- 3 Hug the command ships, putting every debuff they have on them, 2 kite probes away from the "Active" ship

phase 3- CC the diamond to hell and back, when down to only two people alive run diferant directions
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11-14-2012, 11:53 AM
One word S**T !!!

A complete and utter waste of time for no reward worth mentioning. Insanely difficult, under no circumstances must this be attempted with pugs, as they will screw it up royally. Even with well equipped ships its almost impossible. Who the hell thought that regen spheres should spawn so often? And who thought they should regen the plasma bolts? Dumbest idea i have ever seen. Well done Cryptic, another top idea... Bunch of merchant bankers.
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Let me start by saying this: I love the very premise of Hive Onslaught. I think the idea of going to Unimatrix 01 is really really REALLY cool. However...I think the idea of going into the HEART of all Borg activity in the GALAXY is really really REALLY stupid, given the current way this STF works and how it ends.

Here is my gripe with this STF, and I am sure other people might agree with me: On Elite difficulty...this STF is very difficult...sometimes, it is too difficult. Think about this for a second...

As opposed to the other three STFs (strictly speaking on Elite Mode) Cure, Khitomer, and Infected (otherwise now known as Cure, Vortex, and Conduit respectfully) are acceptably difficult. The original three each have special tricks and tactics that experienced players are aware of (10% method, etc). From what I can tell, and from what I have seen...there is really no other tactic to Onslaught other than "Don't die".

However, the lack of a decent tactic is not the core of the problem. I can do the "don't die" tactic. However this tactic works against steep odds, at best. Not dying becomes very difficult when 6 tactical cubes and several spheres are spawn camping. In fact...I just had to quit this STF because there was no way to re-spawn. We even tried all re spawning at the same time, and we were butchered. No matter how long we waited, The Cubes never flew away...they simply sat there, waiting for us.

I have beaten this STF (prior to the Nov 21st patch)...and I can say that the rewards rendered upon the player ARE NOT WORTH IT considering the fact I can get the exact same rewards for beating any of the original STFs with the added bonus of investing less time, and no quitting penalty, and low failure rate.

So I am forced to ask: What is the point of playing an excessively hard STF when I can earn the same rewards on an easier STF?

Why should I even play Onslaught? As far as I am concerned, there is no good reason to...unless either the rules of that STF are changed, or the rewards are significantly increased.

So what could be done to make this unbearable and annoying STF more fun or more worth it? There are a few ideas...

  • Increase the endgame reward. 960 dil is not enough of an incentive to get me into this stupid STF. double, or even triple that number, perhaps 2 BNPs, and 100+ omega marks...then talk to me. If you are going to create an annoying STF with 6 spawn camping tactical cubes, and a cooldown timer of 60 minutes upon successful completion (or STF quitter penalty of 60 minutes)...I better have a huge reward waiting for me at the end of that time investment / risk.

  • Increase the player count from 5 to 10. Lets face it...if the Federation and the KDF are going to send a team into the heart of the collective...give them the numbers to back up the message being sent. If the number of players was bumped up, the rewards can remain as they are, but the good guys will have more firepower on their side.

  • Dump those tactical cubes and turn them into regular cubes. If you refuse to increase the rewards, and you refuse to give us more people, then nerf the enemy.

  • Reduce the number of tactical cubes. Give me a break...six tactical cubes and several spheres backing them up...tone it down. Either throw them at us in waves or simply reduce how many tactical cubes and spheres there are.

  • Give us some AI support. At the very least...provide us with some AI support. 5 or so RANDOM AI ships from both KDF and Federation warping in at fixed intervals might help tip the scales a bit.

Now, each of these ideas might seem interesting to some, bogus to others...but if you ask me, Onslaught, as it is now, is just one of those things I don't touch.

For the record...I have not even touched the ground scenario (I don't personally like ground combat so don't even ask what I think about that. I try to avoid it.).

So Devs, if you are reading this...consider taking a second look at what is being thrown at us in Onslaught.

I dunno if there is anyone out there who thinks Onslaught is a little broken or not. There might be people out there who think like I do. Some people may like it the way it is. I am sure with the right team it can be done because, like I said, I have beaten it once. Perhaps I am just unlucky, getting ships / players who lack effective STF equipment and weapons to get the job done. Perhaps I am getting bad ship combos...I dunno...but I do know this: Even when I have bad ship combos, and new STF players in the original three scenarios...we can pull off a victory. I cannot say the same for Onslaught.

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11-25-2012, 12:35 AM
I agree, the STF is insane right now. However, I only believe they should increase the reward, not make it easier.

My reason for this is simple, the reputation rewards does make things easier. When everyone is buffed from getting to Tier 5, we might stand more of a chance. Then the increased reward will make sense - so those that have invested the time to get to Tier 5 will be able to more realistically go for the increased reward.

Either that, or as you say, nerf the insane Borg
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11-25-2012, 12:50 AM
Well there is at least one tactic that prevents those cubes from camping the spawn...

It's just that most people for some reason insist on going in close from the second they can, aggroing more than one cube at a time.

If done properly, this missions isn't hard at all, but for some reason, everyone insist on poking as many borg at once as possible.
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11-25-2012, 12:54 AM
There is nothing wrong with this STF except the reward

The reward should be 3 neural processors and
3000 dilithium maybe 240 omega marks
To equal the difficulty

This will be a insane pug to beat but a planned
Out team will beat it

Tetyron energy weapons Aoe attacks ts3
Tranphasic torpedoes

Many options for effective team loadouts will
Win this

Brute force anchor and fire won't

Don't draw the Borg to your spawn point !
Don't attack them head on from the spawn point !

Use skill and Tactics

The Borg are fine the problem lies I'n a differnt
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11-25-2012, 01:03 AM
I will do you the courtesy of not calling you a wimp since you didn't ask for a blanket nerf of Borg cuz they're too strong to handle. However I must disagree. If anything, I think the Borg aren't nearly strong enough in that mission. You are in Unimatrix 01. The center of the Borg hive, the place where all the shots in this galaxy are called (I say this galaxy because I don't know if the Borg have spread to others lol). So... yeah, naturally there will be hellishly powerful defenses in place. And the Borg will cheat. You are at their core. If they don't cheat, then they aren't doing their job.

You provided good pointers. But here's a thought. This is an add-on STF. Nobody is forcing you to play it. It's there for those who want the immense challenge of combating the Borg on their home territory. Beating that mission if more for bragging rights than the rewards. STF rewards are a joke now anyways, I do them for extra dil, to pass the time, or just to play with friends. There are much easier ways to farm dil, and there are much easier ways to play this game. But Hive Onslaught? It's a vanity fair at best. And again, it's only there for those who really want a challenge.
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Originally Posted by nakedcrook View Post
So I am forced to ask: What is the point of playing an excessively hard STF when I can earn the same rewards on an easier STF?
You just outlined why the ability to run CGE or IGE will become a lost art: there's no point. If you really love ground, KAGE is faster, easier and nearly unfailable. When each mission has a less-than-1 chance to drop a specific item that you needed for a set, every one of them was relevant to every player trying to complete that set. Now there's no reason to run any but the easiest missions.

Same goes for other missions too, by the way. When the Daily missions gave a nice chunk of dil for doing, say, Breaking the Planet, joining a match on KDF side wasn't that difficult. Then they took away the dil and last time I tried doing that mission I waited in the queue for half an hour before it started. There's just no POINT anymore so people don't want to play it.

Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
If anything, I think the Borg aren't nearly strong enough in that mission. You are in Unimatrix 01. So... yeah, naturally there will be hellishly powerful defenses in place. And the Borg will cheat. You are at their core. If they don't cheat, then they aren't doing their job.
Which is why they would send about 50 ships, not 5. If you'd like to give us 45 NPC allies flying battleships and heavy cruisers as would be the sane deployment given the strategic value of the target and its expected defenses, that would certainly affect the difficulty.
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11-25-2012, 03:11 AM
I don't know, I'd like a better reward but difficulty? I know they increased the artificial difficulty but the actual difficulty on Tribble was actually fun, I ran it with a team of 2 eng, 2 tac and 1 sci and we sailed through it with no hardship at all, it's wonderful what a little cross-healing and co-ordination can do. I think they should tone down the artificial difficulty so that 2 ship healing eachother don't get demolished when the borg look their way but that it, oh and maybe increase the real difficulty to compensate

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