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11-28-2012, 03:53 AM
Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
Been awhile since I posted. Good to be back...If you are using the Atrox like me, then I would go 2x Piregrines. I have found that I can out DPS just about any ship with my Tac DPS build. If you have the other carrier then you may want to go with a mix. Just my 2 cents.

Just to add a bit of my knowledge in on this. I have been playing with carriers for a long time on both sides and I can tell you that the new Scorpions can out DPS the Peregrine thanks to all the fire DoTs (We are talking PvE here, as previously mentioned only a few pets make any difference in PvP).

Also, if your enemy has shields then having a Beam based weapon is great for knocking those down. Runabouts (especially Advanced) can lock down opponents and strip shields fast, they also slow with Chroniton torps making them great support.

However, if you REALLY need to cut shields down to nothing then Advanced Stalkers make Tachyon Drones and all other shield killers look PATHETIC. Run two bays of those and watch things like Elite Donatra's shields melt before your eyes in mere seconds. It is a beautiful thing.

Also... Stalkers tend to be evil against other players in PvP for the reason just mentioned AND because they knock down their Aux which can prevent good heals and slow opponent carriers launching speeds.

So, basically what I am saying is, DPS is NOT everything. It can be far more important how you USE your damage because you can deal a LOT of damage and fail to accomplish anything.
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11-28-2012, 04:57 AM
If you're going to do STFs, advanced peregrines are hands down the best due to them having quantum torps and there being a lot of unshielded targets.
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Thanks! I am not that far in the Romulan tree to get those yet. I may stick with my old ones because I use Phasers on my Atrox, and their phaser fire really does help.

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04-01-2013, 11:13 AM
Advanced Peregrine -vs- Elite Scorpions in STFs ... what's the consensus?

...and anyone got T5 Fleet Hangars yet to compare?

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Originally Posted by kingstonalan View Post
Advanced Peregrine -vs- Elite Scorpions in STFs ... what's the consensus?

...and anyone got T5 Fleet Hangars yet to compare?

I haven't tested this, and quite frankly I don't care enough to ever bother.

My guess is Elite Scorps as they have a cannons and a turret, plasma torp and HYT.

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04-01-2013, 01:04 PM
1.) Standard peregrine fighters have higher damage output than advanced peregrine fighters. This is because the majority of your fighter damage comes from torpedoes, and standard fighters have Photon instead of Quantum. Photon has higher DPS.

Have some quick and dirty testing. This is a side-by-side, same-mission comparison of fighter craft using Flight Deck Officers to spam them as quickly as possible.

To'duj versus Advanced To'duj (these are functionally identical to Peregrines)

Disruptor pulse cannon = 123 DPS
Photon torpedo = 731 DPS
= 854 DPS

Advanced To'duj
Disruptor pulse cannon = 103 DPS
Disruptor dual cannon = 73 DPS
Quantum torpedo = 494 DPS
= 670 DPS

This used to be a closer fight, but I think the AI changes actually made this fighter worse because it's making more effort to set up runs with its dual cannons. Still. Basic fighter wins handily. Considering that advanced fighters cost 30K dilithium and standard fighters are basically free, the advanced fighters would be a bad bargain even if they were as effective. Which they aren't.

Round 2 bnous: Standard To'duj versus Elite scorpions

Disruptor pulse cannon = 96 DPS
Photon torpedo = 805 DPS
= 901 DPS

Elite scorpions
Plasma turret = 159 DPS
Plasma dual cannon = 116 DPS
Plasma torpedo = 337 DPS
Heavy plasma torpedo = 749(*)
= 1361 DPS
(*) Because of the way combat logging works, this figure does NOT include the majority of the plasma burn of the heavy torpedoes. This "missing damage" could be as high as an additional 142 DPS if all the burns ran their full time.

This was a pretty bad run for the elite scorpions. I was on a good team, which means most of the slow-moving heavy plasma torpedoes did not reach their target to cause damage. Still. On a bad run, elite scorpions are 50% better than To'duj fighters.

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