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# 1 Ship Custimization Reset
12-02-2012, 05:39 PM
There appears to be a bug for a fleet member on the Lt Commder Cruiser that he is unable to customize the ship.

He bought the ship,
selected it from the selection officer, Set it ready.
Then goes to the customization screen, makes changes, and clicks purchase
The purchase says its successful but when he goes out in space its the default ship.

Goes back to the Customization screen and its reset to default every time.

Even with Randomize its not working.

No there are no ZEN parts in the custom design, yes he has energy enough credits when he selects something that has a charge to change, but even if it does charge and its not a 0 energy 0 ZEN purchase it does not work...

Any suggestions?

It was working fine on his previous ship, but now even that one its not working for him.


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