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I really liked the addition of red text indicating that EMH have been purchased already, saves a lot of clicking.

Can you please take it a step further on the replicator and add more information for provisions?

I would like a stock number indicating how much we already have. It would speed up the purchase and re-fill of provisions. I like to stock up on everything and avoid constant visits to screens when it can be avoided.

I think this approach should be encouraged from PW point of view because it would use bank space, leading to more space purchase in c-store. A stock count might help to do that especially if there was a flashing symbol to indicate something has run out (much like the red symbols on doff assignments when requirements not met).

Rather than go from assignment to assignment and opening replicator many times per day. I just want to re-stock quickly and those numbers would instantly tell me what to buy.


Provide auto re-stock option. Again I think this would benefit PW as it uses bank space for the long term. The re-stock option could balance stock out by buying 1 of each in a cycle and have an option for a maximum pile size.

Constant use of EC in a very quick fashion.

This overall idea could really be applied to all commodities and provisions. Possibly such abilities being unlocked on New Romulus through rep system and the player can use the vendor on there to setup a long term trade deal. Chance for a little RP and maybe a doff mission where the trade deal for auto replenishment has to be maintained or improved every so often in some way.

My request maybe needs refined but I only just came up with it.

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