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Trek has had many many characters over the years and some have hit the mark others have really missed. Even aseries like Voyager that all in all wasnt too popular had some great supporting characters but even TNG and TOS had there annoying characters. Here are my picks:

T'pol is in my opinion the worst portrayed regular on any of the shows. Shure the actress who played her was attractive and apparently a Trek fan, but she needed acting lessons not to mention voice lessons. She is basically a low rent 7 of nine and Seven of nine was a really stiff difficult character to appreciate unless you are a 16 year old boy.... Just a weak performance overall.

My second choice will polarize people but it would be Worf. I dont blame Mr. Dorn its the writers he is a stiff one dimensional character who is also a deadbeat dad and an all around grumpy misfit. I dont know how he managed to get invited to all those poker games when in real life everyone would have just gossiped about him behind his back. I also hate thate almost every sci fi type show has a "Worf" a dead serious honor bound warrior type... Such an overused character that it almost makes Neelix refreshing.

Runners up: 70f9, Janeway, Chacotay

Third is a likeable well portrayed character who is quite fine its just hes kinda a sad loser. Geordi Laforge, well portrayed, charismatic preformance but he's a blind guy who cant get a date, only has relationships with holograms and his best friend is a robot. Its like they wrote the character to make fun of nerds (and hopefully not the disabled) in a passive aggressive way. Oh and they gave him way to many technobabble lines poor Levar..

So those are my loosely chosen 3 although Laforge is more of an observation than a choice. What are yours?
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Hmm... most of the characters I didn't like were written to be loathed (Kai Winn, etc.)

I guess Kira Nerys probably got under my skin the worst of the characters meant to be liked. Maybe because she reminds me of my aunt and is a bossy, um, biddy?

Malcolm Reed was pretty bad, too. Seemed to be a whiney brat.

I know being the pilot episode and therefore sort of a test run this may not count but Counselor Troi in Encounter at Farpoint was painful to watch. Crippling emotional turmoil every time the city/alien so much as sighed. Thankfully, they toned it down to her just being empathic and not psychotic in later episodes.

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I have several that fall into this category. I would be happy never to see them again as a result of a transporter accident ...

Dr. Pulaski
Admiral Nechayev
Keiko Obrien
Captain Jellico
Kai Winn

I get angry just writting this list!
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From each series?

TOS: Nurse Chapel. I just can't get over the fact that she only got her job because she was sleeping with Gene Roddenberry. That and she's just dull. She is either pining for her crazy mad scientist husband in one episode, or pining after Spock in another.

TNG: Counselor Troi is by far the most useless character in the show and annoying to boot. Worf may have been one-dimensional but he at least served a point. And he grows on you. It took the writers six years before they insisted Troi wear a ******n uniform.

EDIT OH wow I totally forgot Dr Pulaski. Yeah it's a toss up between her and Troi. Troi is more likeable but is around a lot longer. Pulaski is really, really unlikeable but she's only around for one season.

DS9: This show is tied with TOS for being my favourite Trek show. I honestly can't finger anyone who I didn't at least like a little. If I were forced to pick someone it might be either Chief O'Brien or Dax (any of 'em). That's not to say I didn't like them, but I didn't like them as much as the other characters.

EDIT And I totally forgot Keiko O'Brien. Yeah she's totally the least favourite on this show.

VOY: Neelix. By far. Although Voyager isn't one of my favourite shows, I still kinda sorta like it and a big part of that is the cast is very likeable. Neelix just rubbed me the wrong way. I think they made a mistake making him a kind of a joke, comic relief sort of character. That said, Chakotay is a close second. He's a better character when he's not a walking talking Native American stereotype.

ENT: Everyone. I hate this show so much.

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Yes Dr. Pulaski needed to be kicked out of an airlock.
And If i lived in that universe and was on that ship I would have picked on Wesley Crusher every chance i got. He was a big (meaow)
Kira was a bossey *****
Worf was the Man. Worf has been in more star trek episodes than any other person. (look it up)
And the First Chief Eng on TNG (the one with the Beard)
Friggin Nog and his Son.
And Tasha Yar's Daughter.
And Tomalach
Nelix and Kess both annoying
and number one most hated is: Troys mother!!!!!

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My top 5:

5) Everyone on ENT. Good lord the writing on that show was awful. As much as I like the actors themselves, that show was hardly a showcase of their talents.

4) Kess. Any character that is essentially written specifically to die, with no suspense at all, just screams bad writing. I mean, the Ocampan lifespan is mentioned in the very first episode, so its clear as soon as she is introduced that she is going to die if the series lasts long at all; it does, and she does. No intrigue whatsoever, and no value placed on the character's life. Adding her 'abilities' just made it worse.

3) Wesley Crusher. *shudder* The Golden Child, the Token Kid, the most annoying, stereotypical character I ever thought I'd see in any series...

2) Chakotay. ...until this guy. Native American culture may be underappreciated, but there is no way in hell that any writer could make a deeply spiritual Native American Maquis seem realistic. This is a universe in which Humans have learned pretty much everything there is to learn about each other (hence the whole exploring for new people to learn about thing...) and you're trying to convince me that Native Americans are *still* mysterious and "different," even in the 24th century? Gene Roddenberry would not approve.

1) Troi. I remember an interview Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart did together, where they were talking about nicknames for cast members' characters. Troi was "the one who feels ****." That pretty much sums her up. I'm feeling plenty of **** just thinking about her...
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Starting from the most recent...

JJ Trek: Kirk. Pine tried his best, but he just came across like a moody kid. The rest were too development thin to get a feel for. McCoy was gold.

ENT: Any crew member that wasn't Phlox or Archer. They were all some combination of boring and derivative. Even the dog.

Shran, on the other hand, was gold. I'd have loved to have seen him replace T'Boobs.

Voy: Kes and Torres. Seven had some decent episodes around her, but the other supporting female characters were just there for the menfolks to obsess over. It's a common problem throughout all of Trek. I didn't like Chakotay until I found out that Beltran was half-assing it as a way to get back at the writers.

DS9: Jadzia, Martok, Gowron. Too smug, and two cartoons.

TNG: Troi, Guinan, Crusher, Lwaxana. More characters there to either be obsessed over by the menfolks or to provide boobs to look at in the background.

TOS: No one. The show was perfection. The sun source of all that came after it.


Okay, maybe the space hippies.
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Enterprise has by far the worst characters. T'its wasn't bad per-say, she was written as a ?$&%^!@* and pulled it off a little too well. That, and she was... well... a walking pair of ****. Not that the men faired much better. Seriously. Watch the decontamination chamber scene from Broken Bow and tell me with a strait face that didn't feel like the opening to a porno. Go ahead and try. I dare you.

This show also wins the award for having the dumbest Enterprise.

In my opinion Neelix is the guy you're glad you're friends with, but you would never under any circumstances introduce him to your other friends. At least he was capable of some sort of competence. Janeway on the other hand.... how did she become a captain? Seriously, how? I swear she is good at everything BUT being a captain. Harry Kim was a bad combination of Sulu and LaForge with the awesome of neither. The writers never gave him the Character Development they should have.

Kes was a bad idea. Her character, how she was introduced, how she was removed... just.. bad...

Dr. Pulaski was bad, Troi was annoying for a while, but she had her moments of awesome. Wesley Crusher was the worst for a long time, but even he has been surpassed by the worst, most god awful, bad, terrible, horrible no good Star Trek character of ALL TIME.

JJTrek Uhura.

I cannot stand JJTrek Uhura. There is nothing good about JJTrek Uhura. Sure the actress is good looking, but nothing, nothing can redeem JJTrek Uhura in my eyes.

Real Uhura was elegant, ladylike and attractive. She teased Spock for fun, she liked cute things, she was competent and capable, but screwed up, failed, and had her limits. She felt like a real person.

JJTrek Uhura is a bossy sarcastic brat. She seems unbelievably competent, she looks more like a Star Trek themed hooker than a Star Trek character, the whole relationship with Spock is silly, nothing about her is sympathetic or redeeming. Say what you will Wesley Crusher, but at least he was an original character. They took the real Uhura and butchered her into the all the bad parts of Wesley and T'its. Her entire being feels manufactured for the explosion and boob fueled generation.

Real Uhura was someone to look up too. JJTrek Uhura is someone you ask "Cash or Credit?"
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Wesley, Neelix, and Kes. The other posters, already drove the nail home for me.
Wesley was just a know it all brat.However, I like Wil Wheaton the actor, and as a person in general.
Neelix was just a jar-jar epic annoyance.
Kes was too Sandy Duncan- Peter Pan barf bucket for me.

The big one that I thought I would hate, and ended up liking was ODO.Not the concept, or the character. The actor. I remembered him as a prissy,sniveling,self serving, egotistical, jerk states attorney on the sitcom "Benson". I didn't think he was tough enough, or cool enough to pull off the role.By season two, I felt my judgement had been harsh, and started to feel the character had been well casted.

Yes, hate to Kai Wynn, as well.However, I liked the actress as the Justice department liason on the original Law and Order.
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Note : I dislike the characters, not who played them, they did their best and beyond to make them work.

TOS : Yeoman Rann - Don't know really, just never got on with her character. Later episodes I got ok with her.

TNG : Westley Crusher - Badly written character, whinny, big headed. Wil Wheaton got shafted with that role.

DSN : Sisko - It's all about ME!!!!
Kira - bossy, stuck up, always has to be right.

Voyager : Neelix, too eager to please and always under foot, also a suck up to Janeway.

Eneterprise : Archer - Always has to prove that the Human race is awesome to the entire galaxy. Screws up a lot, whinges about how Vulcan held back his father and Humanity.

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