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Probably Neelix - he had a habit of claiming to be an expert on something and subsequently proving to be a HUGE failure at that thing.

I mean, a few examples:

His cooking. No further comment necessary.

Basics: Claims to be a survival expert, but gets Hogan killed. "Hey Hogan, go collect those gnawed bones from the front of that cave that must contain something that eats humanoids - it doesn't look dangerous at all"! And why was friggin Neelix giving Hogan orders in the first place?!
(mind you, following the stupid order was a pretty dumb move on Hogan's part to be fair).

Investigations: decides he's a journalist, but not only broadcasts his finding on the equivilent of Voyager's Youtube channel, but accuses an innocent man (Tom Paris) and, basically, exposes an undercover investigation. Also decides that being a journalist means that you get to break into officer's quaters (he makes definite reference to searching the quaters on deck 14 and indeed, broke into Tom's to gain the 'evidence' he wanted). That's a SECURITY OFFICER's job!
(Mind you, the computer was pretty dumb letting him into quaters, and giving him access to personal files, just because he knew the engineering authorisation code - shouldn't the computer have recognised his voice and realised that he is neither an engineer nor an officer?!

His, pretty much, self assignment of the post of 'Chief Morale officer' - even worse, this implies that he had staff below him (you can't be 'chief' of yourself!).

And then there is the fact that he was dumped by his hot girlfriend whilst she was under the influence of some psycho, but stayed dumped afterward. It was like "I know I was being controlled by a psycho, but your still dumped". And he just, basically, went "okay".
Considering his paranoia about just about anything pertaining to Kes prior to this episode, this was a bit difficult to swallow.

I hated Rom too - the 'Geek gets the Cheerleader' scenario wasn't needed in trek for one, and he was just the epitome of annoying!
Originally Posted by iconians View Post
Instead of asking the question "Why are players doing this?"

The question being asked is, "How do we stop players from doing this?"
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11-29-2012, 11:23 AM
Kira - bossy, stuck up, always has to be right.
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Next to Q, they are the ultimate foe that is nigh unstoppable, can adapt to anything, is inumerable, everywhere and lacking any personality for story except for their own existence.

And yet, every episode they are in, I'm griping the armrests to see what MAGIC the good guys pull out of their butts to claim any victory.
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There are a few characters the series could have done without but my least favorite would have to be Reginald Barkley.
I mean come on, the guy is a neurotic stumbling incompetent, how he survived the academy is a mystery and no amount of clerical stupidity would see him assigned to the Federation's flagship, he'd have one hangup after another, no sooner would he be cured of one psychosis or phobia, he would soon develop another. Data with his incessant Pinocchio routine was bad enough, but Barkley was just comic relief overkill.
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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
You're supposed to hate Jellico. He's there to be a foil for the Enterprise' crew. Frankly they got a brilliant actor to fill the role. Look at Ronnie Cox's (the actor) other big sci-fi role: Robert Kinsey from the Stargate 'verse. He knows how to play a convincing jackass.
Absolutely correct! Except for the part where he said "The enterprise is mine now" for which I was like 'Oh damn..." I actually loved this character. He was assigned to the Enterprise for one reason, to negotiate and kick Cardasian butt.

I liked how he snapped them into action even though they didn't like it... Forget the science labs and yuppie exploration crap... they were there to face or avert war. Get those yuppie scientists in quarters and get the ship rigged for battle! Rip out an astrometrics lab and install a torpedo tube! You have to know that at that time, not counting future refits and upgrades, the Enterprise the most formidable ship that she could have been.

Also, I really appreciated the scenes where he played Cardasians against their own character faults. Especially when Riker thought he was sure of himself and Troi said he was scared crap-less.

Admiral Nechayev is alright, what's so bad about her? Always seem like there was something more between Cappy and the Admiral, sort of like Cappy and the Doc.
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