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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post

Now that the patronising is out of the waY

I merely disagree with your assesment of the usefulness of TI and offered evidence as to why I felt this way from a source that showed me the value of TI.

Thanks for villianizing me for no reason.

1. Alpha/"burst" isn't everything. "Burst damage" is for kids who like to watch big numbers, DPS is for killing stuff.
Depends on your build and what role you play iether in a team or pugging. For example I tend to design for a good burst but more sustained DPS in my escorts to punch a hole in a shield that I can iether take advantage of for the kill or let my wingman use to finish the target with his burst while I maintain pressure with DPS.
Now on a Cruiser this falls away for me as I am not interested in attempting a burst attack with limited tactical options and the use of TI becomes more helpful in rotating the next power up to fire. (for me this usually Beam Overload )

2. Come on, you're a pvper, if you ran into someone with only 1 copy of TT1 (and no Conn Officers), you'd laugh at him.
Not if he designed it to use the single copy of TT effectively. I have builds that use one TT and have met others.
ATB builds are really good for single TT usage if one is wanting to free up space for another Tac power. TI just makes it that much quick.

All this moot though as I was only disagreeing with the idea that TI had no value at all instead viewing at as limited in value as I find many Captain powers are only limited in usefulness depending on one's build but shine on others.
Originally Posted by staq16 View Post
The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.

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I agree that photonic fleet is kind of useless- although the fleet *does* fire real torpedoes , which can be nice.

Personally I think it could certainly stay relatively the same with the following modifications:

1. Aggro all NPC ships in the vicinity when they show up, taking fire off of you and being very thematic as everyone goes "Oh ****" when a bunch of ships seem to warm in. Currently this happens only very rarely- NPCs will just ignore fleet ships unless you're out of range.

2. provide some sort of 'de-targetting' effect when used, similar to the KHG shield or that new thing the borg have. Because lets face it, when a bunch of extra ships 'appear' on all vectors around you, for at least a brief period you shouldn't be as easy to hit.

With that sort of change, you'd have an ability that is very useful in PvE, and moderately useful in PvP- a real smokescreen, rather than just hot air.

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