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Orion female dress. Multi panel split skirts.. look at middle eastern cabret traditional belly dance clothing for inspiration. Make it a micro transaction.. 50 zen per skirt.

Some new hair styles.. LONG braids that flow.. Off duty hair (GASP!) Think of a certain Vulcan female during ST-II WOK in the Turbolift with Kirk, pull some of the hair styles from CO..also, better color option for hair.. get some highlights in there..after playing CO, hair in sto looks kinda flat and booring.

Scarves..LONG scarves over the shoulder and behind for females, long in front for men.

Import some of the clothing options from Champions online to STO.. fishnet stocking, lecy top and regular.. Gi tops and dresses/pants belts...for off duty clothing.

Break up elements of the KHG uniform so they can be worn with other uniform elements..the boots belt, bracer/gauntlets.. also gloves with the gauntlets for KBF as an option. Also need fingerless demi gloves/gauntlets for the KBF

More KBF boot styles.. Consider thigh high with armored panels on the calves, and shins. ,knee cops for both genders..

High stiff colored tunics (think marine dress uniform style) for KBF

((Yes, most of the suggestions are for KBF uniform options.. go look in the C-store at apperence listings.. there is one purchasable option for KDF, and 20 for fed..not counting the enviro suits in that... think we could use some more yes? Especially seeing more and more players are starting, and playing KBF characters..))

a permanant ice skating area somewhere as a joint social area for both factions.

((can be "closed" during the winter event you know.. or make the winter event area accessable through the captains table))

Get the captains table expantions that have been talked/hinted about for over a year and a half in game.. long over due...

more dance animations, including sycronized couple dances.. walzes, pavanes, the fox trot etc.. you know.. FORMAL dances to do when wearing that FORMAL off duty clothing. Country style Line Dances, square dances.. think group dances from the middle ages to the present era.. (radio button - Join Dance?- press F to join)

More off duty clothing styles.. Make them availible to both factions.. plenty of examples of Klingon faction off duty clothing in both the DS9 and Enterprise series.

KDF long coats, long and short sleveless vests, mantlets, etc.. get medieval for us.. we want them!

KDF belts WITH daggers.. chest straps with daggers.. holstered disruptors, etc. More decorative wearable weaponry.

NEW FACTION IDEA... Civilians! yes, the bulk of starships flying about the galaxy are NOT military ships.. they're civilian traders/merchants/long haulers. Might be a privately owned science ship.. little if any weaponry and unable to stand up to a military ship.. unless its a small one.. but you don't want to run into a pack of them that want to fight.. together they out gun you!

Z. Cockrain was not a member of starfleet or the earth military.. he was a civilian inventor looking to make a buck, and he built the first earth built warp drive. Civilian characters would tend to have access to different sorts of regular and DOFF missions them military ships, and would gain extra beni's from them.. Could join regular fleets as "Auxiliries" providing supplies and support.. Could form "Corporations" independent of regular fleets.

I wonder what else can be come up with out there...

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Ships/New Sectors:

Now that we have an idea of how new sectors can be added to STO, how about opening up some more Klingon territory? There are two good spots for this expansion:
  • Below the Omega Lionis Block - which would be ideal for any sort of new 'starting area,' if the plans to open up the first ten levels of the KDF faction for players ever gets put into play.
  • To the right of Pi Canis Block - which looks like it would inlude a couple of sectors worth of klingon territory under a neutral sector for new high end KDF mission content.

As for new "low level" ships, we don't even need any new models as such, since most of them already exist as NPC ships for the Federation to face:
  • A tiny scout type Bird of Prey as the new starting vessel.
  • Orion Corvettes and Brigands as low level cruisers benieth the Decoit Corvette - no hangars of course, since the the Decoit Corvette is about where a starting flight deck cruiser should be anyway.
  • Gorn explorers and patrol ships as low level science ships (I forgot the names of these).
  • No special consols for these, since they would probably not be Z-Store ships.

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