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11-28-2012, 02:05 PM
I'm midway through 2 weeks holiday from work. I had planned on spending a lot of time playing STO prior to S7.

Today is typical for me since S7 launch. I planned on spending 8 or so hours playing. Instead I played for 2 and spent the rest of the doing other things instead.

Before Season 7 I had 5 characters maxing dilithium daily by logging in before work and after work. Today I earned around 2000 dilithium in total. The grind needed across all the characters was such that the "can't be bothered" option actually seemed like a plan.

Sollvax has hit it on the head, get rid of the pressure points on FM's and for me i'll start playing a lot more again. FM's = SB upgrades which need EC, Dil, DoFF = activety. Restricted flow for FM's mean upgrades stall, so no need for EC, Dil, DoFF = find something else outside of game to do.

Right now UK time the normal patch is 18 hours or so away...I am actually contemplating not bothering logging in till then to see if it addresses the major issues for me (Gorn minefield daily impossible to complete for example)
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11-28-2012, 02:42 PM
Ive said it before ill say it again.

S7 is a slog. It's work.

Work for that dill slave WORK! Whoosh crack whip! AHhAHh!

That little bit of dill you get isnt a reward. Its payment for a lot of grind.

A digital chain gang off to grind those marks.

Its NOT fun. I play STO to escape work. S7 is work. Not fun.

Take the pressure away. Bring the entertainment and fun back.

One is not amused.
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11-28-2012, 02:57 PM
There's not really much incentive to play for long anymore. Log in, set your rep grinds with a few clicks, maybe run an STF and do Acamar 7 times for the patrol daily and some Romulan marks... that's it for 2 days pretty much.

The 'adventure zone' doesn't feel all that adventurey - I'm an Admiral and I don't want to collect water samples or tag eppohs. That's what ensigns are for. I've killed the Borg Queen twice over and this is what you're having me do? And you! Omega Force. You so fickle. Lauding me for my elite accolades, but not giving me any recognition or established standing.

So.. yeah. Log in, click, enjoy what little I can that's left of STO, log out for a few days.
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11-28-2012, 03:19 PM
Agreed, the pressure on fleetmark needs are completely disheartening. The daily wasn't useful for dil, it was good for fleetmarks, and now we have to play endlessly the same stupid instances with very low gains. The Fleet actions dailies don't help since they pop every once in a while, one FA a day. We need another good and easy source of fleetmarks, it's too much for most people. My fed fleetmates and I are completely burnt out on this crap.
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11-28-2012, 03:22 PM
I've stopped playing pretty much beyond logging in to set up doffs and projects.

Sad that the game that got me spending more than I did on any other MMO in S6 has basically lost me as a customer in such a short space of time.
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11-28-2012, 03:28 PM
I am the primary Dilith provider in three seperate fleets and active in two others
and now im being told "Generate marks"
well thats nearly impossible

I play to play a starship captain
not an overworked security guard (incursion)

And these embassys ??????
so now we need double the dilith

im a subscriber but at this rate I may not stay one much longer
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11-28-2012, 04:05 PM
I have to agree. THIS sums up my feelings
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11-28-2012, 04:18 PM
I don't know what you guys are talking about, my fleet's activity rose dramatically because of S7, and infact I've been logged in everyday since S7.
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11-28-2012, 04:36 PM
Yes i agree it has droped i know for a fact that less people are loging on my friends list is pretty long and half of them where on most of the time.And now since 7 started with all of this bull **** like taking are Dilithium away.And making us work 3 times harder.I barely see 10 on at one time.

They need to give us back the stuff we had.ASAP be cause one the stuff they have now is runing the game.Ever since they whent to F2P it has been going down hill from there.
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11-28-2012, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by yakumosmith View Post
The grind needed across all the characters was such that the "can't be bothered" option actually seemed like a plan.
To me this is it. I do not hate this S7 change but, there is alot about it I am not pleased with.

My fleet has also noticed a drop in overall members playing. How long they play for when they do log on and what they spend thier time doing has drastically changed. Its not a change in a good way either, lots of complaining in our Teamspeak server about this or that.

The Game has become way to much of a grind fest. Investigate Officer Reports daily (used to be a nice way to get a few Fleet Mark) is a damned joke now. Especially when you run a mission that qualifies and initially did take about 15-20minues but now you have done it enough that you can do it in like 10 minutes and oh noes enough others have done this too and it no longer counts. Which you find out AFTER you do the damned thing.

I have 12 characters, 6 of which were only to gain some extra fleet marks and a few thousand dilithium a day and nothing else, so not really to hurt about them. I do however have 6 that I used to play regularly.
I have 2 mains (one on each side) 2 main alts (played almost as much as the mains) and 2 secondary alts (played at least once a day for stfs and other things).
Now, its my almost just my 2 mains, but even my KDF main is not played as much as before S7. It has basically made my other 4 characters be put into mothball mode. One gets played about once every other day for an STF and/or Tae Dewa sector patrol, but thats it.

It is like yakumosmith said, "can't be bothered". Logging in now seems like a job, the game has lost alot of its fun. Which is unfortunate as this is my favorite MMO and I used to have lots of fun playing and played quite a bit.

Hopefully they fix the bugs soon and I really hope they get some of the fun back in the game.
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