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# 1 New Biochimist doff bug
11-30-2012, 07:47 AM
Ok, didnt knew to post this here or at doff section but posted this at bugs since its probably a bug.
I bought 5 new doff Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack and one of them rewarded me with one of the new biochimist dutty oficer, a purple one, wich reduce cooldowns for hypos, ground shields recharge bateries and others stims by 50%, at least that was written on it.
Didnt equiped it since maybe i want to sell it, but went to trible, equiped in active roster and test it there.
The normal cooldown is 30 secs and i was especting to go down to 15 secs, but went only to 20 secs. Isnt this just a 33%?? Also if u have another ground recharge device, like shield/power bateries, the global cooldown goes from 15 to 10 secs.
Probably is just a lure tactic (i hope not) to make ppl buy those packs and the response will be: Its working as intended and the 50% its just a typo.
Submitted a ticket aswell but as a long shot, on my past tickets i didnt even got a reply.
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# 2
11-30-2012, 07:54 AM
Yes i have seen this, If it happend sooner they might of sorted this out in the new patch today.
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# 3
11-30-2012, 08:11 AM
I think they have what's called a shared cooldown if you try to use say.. Grav Well I with Grav Well 2 in the same toolbar. That particular skill is called a "2/3" skill because Grav Well has a 60 second cooldown and will put a 40 second (2/3rds) cooldown on the other grav well when you use it. Then there are other skills like Energy Siphon that also have a 1 minute cooldown, where you can use both I and II version but in this case it puts a 30 second cooldown on the other siphon, this is a "1/2" skill.

The same confusing thing happens on the purple deflector doff who is supposed to cut both of these skills CDs down to half 25% of the time -- he only ever cuts Grav Well down to 40 seconds, not 30, because of the nature of its shared 2/3 cooldown. He will however cut Energy Siphon (so I've read) down to 30 seconds because that skill is a "1/2" skill.

Basically no Doff will ever drop cooldowns below their shared cooldown limit. Hope this helps.

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