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# 1 Constant Disconnections
11-30-2012, 10:32 AM
Well was fine before, now a well tested and developed patch has bought me constant disconnections with often refusal to connect to account server. Rendering the game unplayable.

I have to ask did you hire the Windows Vista development team to test your releases?

And I won't buy the " if you don't like it don't play it bull**** " basically they want to tempt me to pay ? for zen well... i'd like to see some effort put into their releases before I'll get my card out. I like STO however since I returned just after S7's release any work I've seen done to the game results in so much fail, it makes CCP's Incarna look like a walk in the park.

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# 2
12-02-2012, 03:44 AM
Since the season 7 patch whenever i try to zone anywhere.. whether it be a new mission map or stf.. anything, the load freezes and then the game crashes and i get the msg error 530..
Cryptic i would also like you to show some effort.. for a game thats been around as long as sto has been it shouldnt be anywhere near as buggy as it is..


stop counting your cash and bringing out new ways to get money off us and instead put your efforts in to fixing the existing game

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