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I noticed some discrepancies on the description of the Mirror Somraw. Specifically the turn rate of 15.

I went to Tribble to check it out.
First, I of course used the same engine, no consoles slotted, same eng power,...

Mirror Qin at 45 power: 27,7 turn rate
Qin at 45 power: 27,7 turn rate
Mirror Somraw at 45 power: 29,7 turn rate
*(Su'qob at 45 power: 27,7 turn rate)

Now the Qins are listed as both having a turn rate of 15, assuming that's correct, the Mirror Somraw must have a turn of 16, same as the Tier 2 Somraw and the Fleet obtainable Somraws (which would make sense).

Also, the Mirror Somraw doesn't have a shield mod of 1.045 as stated in the infobox description (on rightclick of the boxxed ship). It was wrongly stated in the devblog introducing it and later corrected to 0.833.

There may even be more mistakes in that description.

*The Su'qob, a Tier 3 raptor, is listed as having a turn rate of 16, however it seems it's rather 15. If that's not a bug, I'd also assume the free/dil Tier 3 raptor, the Qorgh, has the same turn rate of 15.
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