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Hi, I had something happen to me within the last 24 hours that has me unable to now do the tier 5 Omega reputation.

The Error: The reputation system does not tell you when you complete a tier and need to do the Claim mission. Why is this? As a result of not knowing I had just completed tier 4, and being that I was in a hurry, I simply did like I have done dozens of times prior... select the first 2 missions off the list in order to get the 20 hour countdown going again. Only when I went to put in the Omega marks, it was not asking for the usual 14 or 29 marks. It was asking for 250 and 375 marks. That's when I went back and checked and realized I had completed tier 4 and in my rush selected Mk X and Mark XI pieces. ARGH! So now I'm stuck because what's the point of getting two of the same armor from differing Mk's? I did not want the armor anyways, I wanted to press on working on tier 5 before I decided what I want to get from the reputation store. So now what do I do about this since you purposely will not let me remove/restart missions?

Error #2: While writing this I happened to realize a possible bug since the last patch. During the earlier tiers, I remember that when I completed a tier and collected the rewards that it would take me to the screen to pick a passive power, in effect letting me know I had completed a tier. Was that by design? If so, why is it no longer working now?

Suggestion: Create a pop-up window alerting players that they have completed a tier. That way there is no possible way to experience what I did.

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