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On behalf of "We Need Your Fleet Marks," I express our extreme gratitude for checking out our recruiting advertisement.

As a small and boutique Fleet with largely two-man operation, it becomes impossibly difficult for us to accumulate Fleet Marks in order to advance fleet ranking. As such, we are in need of "temporary" members that can contribute Fleet Marks.

Our request is simple. You can join our Fleet in order to provide Fleet Marks and once the Marks have been contributed to the advancement system, I will provide appropriate compensation in Credits. You are free to stay on a long-term basis to provide more Fleet Marks in the future.

We only ask that you follow the following procedures:

1. Contact Jumong@Monopolist (only) directly or via ingame Mail system with the intent to join the Fleet.

2. Once accepted, please specify how many disposable Fleet Marks you have and the pricing for individual marks. (I envision that you come up with the current market rate. It shouldn't be obscenlely expensive since it takes 10 minutes to acquire 40-50 Fleet Marks).

3. Once the agreement is made, I will specify which projects to contribute the fleet marks.

4. You can contribute Fleet Marks as a whole or incrementally if you are concerned about default risk.

5. Once you fulfill your obligation, you can continue to stay in my Fleet and express your interest in maintaining this agreement.

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