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02-04-2013, 08:25 PM
Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
It is possible to get Omega Marks solo on Deferi, but it is like pulling your teeth.
Funny, I've been pulling my teeth for about a month Am currently on Tier 4, and putting all resources into the MACO set currently (I won't aim for Tier 5; not worth it).

Yeah, I could get them faster if I did STF's, but teamplay is REALLY not my thing... plus solo is just more fun, I think
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02-05-2013, 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
But Rommie Rep gives you a space ability, while Omega gives you a ground one. Seeing as most of the game takes place in space........

In all honesty though, I really don't see where the OP is coming from. Sure Rommie missions give less marks, but there's so many of them it doesn't really matter.

For Rommie Stuff:
  1. The Vault
  2. Mine Trap
  3. The Vault Ensnared
  4. Tholian Incursion
  5. All the NR activities
  6. Eppoh Breeding
  7. Sector Daily

For Omega Stuff:
  1. 4 Space STFs
  2. 4 Ground STFs
  3. Defera Invasion Zone
  4. Borg Incursions

And since there's only three STFs that you can more or less reliably PUG, then.... well... that kind of cuts it down doesn't it?
It's kind of unfair to lay it out like that. If you're going to lump them together, you need to lump Romulan stuff together too, thus:

Romulan stuff:
  1. 3 Space STFs (easy, 22 marks)
  2. 1 Ground STF (easy, 15 marks)
  3. Tholian Incursion Red Alert (broken most of the time)
  4. All the NR activities (extremely low rewards/time, eppoh breeding fits here)
  5. Sector Daily (the one good, reliable source, as a daily)

Omega stuff:
  1. 4 Space STFs (easy, 20 marks plus dil)
  2. 4 Space Elite STFs (difficult, 60 marks plus dil)
  3. 4 Ground STFs (easy, 20 marks plus dil)
  4. 4 Ground STFs (difficult, 60 marks plus dil)
  5. Defera Invasion Zone (again, poor reward/time)
  6. Borg Incursions (also broken, but exist in every 12 sector blocks, and as such can be done 12 times as often--reward dil too)

Or, to lay it out--
Romulan Marks:
  1. The Vault (15)
  2. Mine Trap (22)
  3. The Vault Ensnared (22)
  4. Tholian Incursion (30 + 480dil)
  5. All the NR activities (around 10 each)
  6. Eppoh Breeding (400/week, if crits, constant maintenance)
  7. Sector Daily (60)

Omega stuff:
  1. Infected:Conduit (20, 480dil, 1-2 items)
  2. Infected:Conduit Elite (60, 960dil, 1-2 items, 1+ Neural Processor)
  3. Infected:Manus (20, 480dil, 1-2 items)
  4. Infected:Manus Elite (60, 960dil, 1-2 items, 1+ Neural Processor)
  5. Cure Found (20, 480dil, 1-2 items)
  6. Cure Found Elite (60, 960dil, 1-2 items, 1+ Neural Processor)
  7. Cure Applied (20, 480dil, 1-2 items)
  8. Cure Applied Elite (60, 960dil, 1-2 items, 1+ Neural Processor)
  9. Khitomer Vortex (20, 480dil, 1-2 items)
  10. Khitomer Vortex Elite (60, 960dil, 1-2 items, 1+ Neural Processor)
  11. Khitomer Stasis (20, 480dil, 1-2 items)
  12. Khitomer Stasis Elite (60, 960dil, 1-2 items, 1+ Neural Processor)
  13. Into the Hive (20, 480dil, 1-2 items)
  14. Into the Hive Elite (60, 960dil, 1-2 items, 1+ Neural Processor)
  15. Hive Onslaught (20, 480dil, 1-2 items)
  16. Hive Onslaught Elite (60, 960dil, 1-2 items, 1+ Neural Processor)
  17. Defera Invasion Zone (again, poor reward/time)
  18. 12 Borg Incursions (10 marks plus dil)

For Omega, there are 29 different sources to earn Omega marks, each and every one giving out Dilithium, and every one of them repeatable once an hour--all STFs give +25 during the event, all STFs reward dilithium, the top four can give out over a hundred each during the Event, and each and every one gives out guaranteed gear.

Versus 7 (seven) Romulan mark sources, most of which give out less than 22 marks, and only four are repeatable, only one (the daily) gives Dilithium, and the best one takes a week to earn several hundred. Oh, and you get +5 total Romulan marks during the event, and a piddly 5-10 Fleet Marks.

It's a fair complaint that without Elite versions of NR missions, without more space/ground missions, and without giving Dilithium, NR missions are just too time consuming and don't reward nearly well enough. But you can't spread out the Romulan sources and lump together all the Omega ones and not act like you're obscuring the differences. The differences are huge.

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02-22-2013, 09:28 AM
I wouldn?t mind seeing a solo based space daily for Omega marks, similar to the one run for Romulan Marks.

Gathering Omega marks can be a pain for those of us who don?t want to deal with the issues of being in a STF. I enjoy Defera but it can be a time consuming grind after a while.

I?m not sure if the Borg space daily was supposed to be the equivalent of the Romulan one but it currently isn?t doing the job for us time-limited players. The Borg daily is fun, if you ever can catch an unbugged one, but there's a fair chance of failing it and it doesn?t pay well for the time spent.

I know, I know?I should just overcome my worries and try out a STF. Perhaps I?ve been reading these forums too much

Anyway, just a suggestion.
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03-24-2013, 04:20 AM
ok i don't normally bother posting on the forums but i thought on this why not, so here is my view on this that you guys seem to over look, it takes approx 50-60 romulan or omega marks to send off both of the missions to reputaion experiance in the tiers, now earning those is doable as people have said, they have also mentioned there is l;ess worth while stuff in the romulan and so much more in the omega.

now think about it a sec to get all you'd want from romulan it costs for example 2k romulan marks

it takes 10k to get all you'd want from omega reputation

a fifth of 10k is 2k correct

you earn say as an example 100 romulan marks a day and earn 500 omega marks
the omega marks you earn is 5 times more can you see where i am going here?

the amount you get to the amount you can earn is equal, the dev's have very cleverly balanced the system, so you guys whining need to button it and think before you speak.

final point - they add more romulan stf like missions then they'd add more into the rewards which btw wopuld not change a damned thing about how easy they are to get -.-
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Don't know why there are people claiming Romulan marks are easier to get. 400 in 5 days is equal to only about 75 a day. I can get 75 in less than 10 minutes in STF. You can easily get 400 omega marks in a day without having to play a useless tagging epoch game. REALLY? are epoch tagging that much fun? I guess it must be funner than blowing up borg ships and getting dilitium too.

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