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You die in the acid bath. The STF IGE end up. Could you tell me how to get the loot which is in the middle of the goo?
Dev didn't think that is not a good idea to put the loot where you are when the stf is end up?
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12-01-2012, 04:27 PM
Loot always used to go to a specific point*. Only problem was, people sometimes couldn't find it if they were new to the STF, and in some extreme cases people missed their loot because if despawned before they got to it.

I prefer the current system of it dropping at your proverbial feet at the end.

*Cure Space dropped the loot crates at where the Kang was parked, Infected above the starbase, and Khitomer above the gate. I never do/did ground, but I'd assume it was the same kind of system.

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