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Hello everyone

I have a question about my cruiser.

First off my current weapon layout:

Front: 2x Dual beam bank ( antiproton) MK XII
1x Beam array ( antiproton ) MK XII
1x Quantum torpedo MK XII

Rear: 3x Beam array ( antiproton ) MK XII
1x Borg cutting beam

I don't do any PvP, except maybe for fun at rare occasions, but I generaly run STF and events for Romulan marks. This build so far has been great, but I've decided to try a more kinetic approach.

So I was thinking of swapping front beam array for another fleet photon torpedo that I have in bank. I would keep my dual beam banks because I would mainly fight with my front side. But then I would have to replace my Fire at will with something else. So what are your thoughts about this build and with what BOFF power should I replace my fire at will?

You can also suggest me a completely different build since I am open to a change
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12-02-2012, 09:14 AM
First off, I would recommend that you try to use something more broadside-oriented. 3 beam arrays, 1 torp fore and aft are the "traditional" configuration for end-game cruisers and are very effective. Something closer to what you currently have would be 2 beam arrays, 1 dbb, 1 torp fore, 3 beam arrays, 1 torp aft. I do not know anything about the cutting beam, though, so I can't advise you there, although I do know that if you want the set bonuses you're going to need to equip a Borg torpedo launcher that goes with it. I do not know how good that launcher is.

However, if you really want kinetic-based power, I would recommend, first of all, that you consider the Regent's wide-arc quantum torpedo. If you don't like that (or aren't willing to shell out the cash for it), then I would also advise that you stick with one type of torpedo. Quantum torpedoes are generally considered the best "bang for your buck." Some people like tricobalts as well, although I have little personal experience with them, other than people say that they're "most effective when shields are down," which... can be said of pretty much any attack, really! But, another advantage to using the same torpedo type is that you can equip type-based torpedo boost consoles, if that's what you're going for.

But, back to your original question, I would start off with torpedo spread to replace fire at will. It has a decent attack arc and is pretty visually impressive - and effective. If you don't like that, then going with torpedo high yield is also a decent choice. Nevertheless, torpedo spread does give you some of the area of effect aspect of fire at will, so it won't be such a drastic change from your current play style and will allow you to keep some aspect of it as a tactical option.

One thing to note though is that if you REALLY want to do well with torpedoes, you're probably going to need a torpedo-based build, which pumps all the stat points possible into the torpedo-based skills in the tactical tree, and uses as many purple projectile weapon DOffs equipped as possible. This will have to be an escort, so that you can bring the torps to bear in the fastest manner possible. While I'm a cruiser fan myself with tacs and engineers, and IMO their DPS is a lot more respectable than they're given credit for, the simple fact of the matter is that a cruiser is just too slow to reliably use as a torpedo boat, and even if you shove RCS consoles into every engineering slot you're probably short-changing yourself in terms of viability (plus you probably want at least 2 slots to have armor in them anyway). Torpedoes are expensive to spec into, skill-wise, with the current tree, and are sometimes foregone entirely; I would not be overly enamored with them, as you might find yourself rather disappointed. You may also need to be able to keep shield facings down reliably, something I have had little luck with. However, this build type does have an advantage in that weapon power, if you ignore energy weapons completely, is utterly irrelevant.

Finally, although it will be painfully expensive, you might want to consider changing your energy type to phaser or disruptor. Antiproton is good, but it seems to have fallen out of favor lately with a lot of people; I think there may have been some nerfs. When I looked at my combat performance about a month and a half ago via log analysis, I noticed that my DPS tended to be generally higher with phasers than antiprotons, so now I mostly use phasers.
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12-02-2012, 10:31 AM
The two-piece bonus (with the Assimilated Console) is enough for now, in my opinion. I run a similar setup with my Regent, though with two beam arrays fore rather than two DBBs, and the Wide-Angle Torpedo instead of a normal Quantum. The forward DBB helps with DPS on approach, since as far as I am aware, the energy loss from going from a 6-beam broadside to a 7-beam one means that unless you've got some procs going, you're almost breaking even. That, and the DBB fore allows for a mini-alpha where I combine TT1 and EPtW1 with Beam Overload 2... it's enough to make a satisfying crunch on frigates and significantly weaken a stronger ship's shielding. I'd keep a Boff with FAW around so that you're able to switch between the two depending on whether you need to aggro a group or smash one guy's face more.

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