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# 1 Is Alting Realy Dead?
12-02-2012, 10:45 AM
In all my MMOs i jhave played that allow alts, some have required only so many on one server before using another server.

if season seven kills alting becuase of the time needed for Reputation.

Then what did you do before when the STF Gear was/is bound to character? edc's was bound to character?

and are your alts all leveled to and used for the stf grind? or simply for doff/dil grind?

is the doff and dill grind component not enough?

And what about the reason i have had multiple alts in all the games it has been allowed?

simply having an alternate style of play or different career/profession?

SWG Star Wars Galaxies combined three or four different progression options per character. with sub professions to boot.

Trader-structures/ship- or clothes/food Furniture/weopans droids/electronics and all traders could make small amounts of the other subb groups stuff like food and clothing and furniture some basic droids.

officers, Jedi,ETC all had subgroups, then add piloting xp either Freelance(smuggler's aliance(leaned rebel)) Empire, Rebel and Naboo royal pilot was in that mix.

and all allowed multiple variations on everything.

so why isn't having a realy good jumping Caitian(i assume Ferasins are the same) As a fed Engineer or tac or sci being different from a Klingon Fed officer or a lib borg?

why does it become oh now i have to have all characters leveled with rep and all and this is too much as opposed to just leveling two of your main characters I.E. 1 Fed 1 kdf with evertything and leaving the other alts for grinding sb needs and doff assignments to contribute to your fleet holdings?

I fore one even particip[ate in 4 Fed Fleets and 3 KDF Fleets. so thwere is always something different for each toon and a big reason for getting all toons to the same. and now with some of the changes to the rep system it doesn't take that long to complete the missions once all things are filled in.

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# 2
12-02-2012, 10:47 AM
Our name is Legion for we are many

And reputation means very little to me
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# 3
12-02-2012, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Our name is Legion for we are many

And reputation means very little to me

We are legion. The time of our return is coming. Our numbers will darken the sky of every world.
has a better ring to it

Originally Posted by rjewkes View Post
so why isn't having a realy good jumping Caitian(i assume Ferasins are the same) As a fed Engineer or tac or sci being different from a Klingon Fed officer or a lib borg?
My Caitian is offended by that remark.

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# 4
12-02-2012, 10:59 AM
Mines from the Bible (christian version)
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# 5
12-02-2012, 11:12 AM
rjewkes, I have no idea what your actual question is.

But to answer the title of the thread, no alting is not dead.

Munchkins who wanted to grind the most stuff in the shortest time are unhappy that using multiple characters to do it doesn't reward as much per hour as it used to. (Note, I use the word Munchkin with no negative connotation, and indeed as one who loves the game with the same name).

Those of us who alted because we want different experiences, still do it. I am newish, and I have 4 characters and I play them all. In my fleet there are several who were lifetime since beta and they do the same.

Fast easy dilithium from multiple alts is dead. Alting itself is just fine.
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# 6
12-02-2012, 11:20 AM
Alting is still helpful in the dlithium grind anyway - people think too much about hitting the daily cap when it's easier (and not a huge initial investment) to have three+ toons so you can just cherry pick the most efficient (or your favorite) ways to earn with each of them. I can make 10,000 dil spread between four characters faster than 8,000 dil on one and the exchange makes it easy to centralize that income.

Granted it takes a little while to reach the level 50 dailies, but if you're willing to spend some EC (again not an exorbitant amount) you can stuff those alts with duty officers and level them up in a month or so just logging in once or twice a day to take missions.
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12-02-2012, 11:21 AM
Alting has always been dead for me, mostly because you end up playing the same small group of missions over and over again. Compared to City of Heroes, where there were so many different archetypes and power combinations that each alt was truly a unique experience, and there were many many different paths to level up with. When CoH launched, a new player had TEN different starting contacts to get missions from.

Until STO offers the same variety of play as other games, I probably won't alt too much.
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12-02-2012, 11:23 AM
No, it's not dead.

Some people don't like it, some do. I have a total of 9 characters, 6 Feds and 3 KDF. I play with them all equally, though I'm only focusing on the Rep system with three at a time.
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# 9
12-02-2012, 11:26 AM
For me, playing my Alt's ended Season 6, not 7...

Most of my fleetmates who have alt's and maintain them, log in, do DuOff's 2 or 3 STF's and some romulan, then switch to their alt, rinse repeat.
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# 10
12-02-2012, 11:40 AM
I had held off on playing STFs for a long time, until I heard of the nerfs in Season 7. I spent two weeks grinding STFs on 12 characters -- got them all geared enough to do elites without a problem.

All of them are currently mothballed.

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