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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
For alting to live, you need a few things:

- Frontloaded rewards or meaningful daily rewards. If there isn't something to get on an alt that a main can't give you, there's no point.

- Branching content paths.

- Racials, traits, skills, and gameplay that fundamentally feels different between species and between profession.

Right now, gameplay between the three professions feels similar. It's not just about the difference between tanking, healing, and damage. It's about a distinct mechanical feel like differing resource pools. Melee vs. ranged as a class defining element. Pets vs. self-centric damage.

Ask yourself, what's the downside to playing just one character in STO?

The ONLY one I can think of is the dilithium cap.
This is purely from a mechanics standpoint. Many of us who alt don't care about mechanics we care about experience. Playing as a caitian and playing as a human and playing as a vulcan and playing as a liberated borg... even if all were tac officers in escorts would still each be different and that difference would be enough by itself for some. Most of us will have a science officer, an engineer, and a tac officer. also some specialists in different ship types, or ones who are decked out specifically for certain enemies or tasks or roles.

for instance, I have a science officer with a support build who exists for no reason other than to help fleet mates from behind so they can get the experience of fighting but not worry about losing. Not just a healer, but also buffs, debuffs etc. and good anti-fighter/boarding party defenses so they can focus on the big enemy without worrying about "trash mobs".

The downside of focusing on just one character is that after a while, it gets old and you want variety just for variety's sake.

In every mmo that was ever created there are mathematic advantages to having fewer characters. Even if nothing more than "the max-level character earns rewards/cash faster so each minute spent levelling an alt gives less reward than equal time spent on the max-level character". But that's not the full story.

Sometimes, it's about the journey and the experience, not the reward, not the math.
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Alts are very much alive for me. I usually create an alt, whenever I want to buy a new ship and try to build the character (species, weapons and uniforms) as well as it's boff and doff crew (species as well as professions) to fit that new vessel. The characters are usually limited to their main ship and in some cases a second, fitting vessel. My Odyssey captain will get an Aquarius as a second vessel for example.

The lockbox ships have their sets, I use fitting weapons (Tet on Atrox, Spiral Wave on Galor, Phaser on Feds etc...) and equipment. Therefore I have no need to level Romulan or Omega faction past level 1 on most of those chars. I rotate through them, so it usually takes 2-3 days until I get back to Char number 1.


50, Human Tac - Armitage/Danube - only Fed-member Boffs and Doffs
50, Vulcan Sci - D'Kyr/Tal'Kyr - all Vulcan Boff and Doffs.
50, Human Eng - Mirror Assault Cruiser (saving for the Ody & Aquarius) - only Fed-member Boffs and Doffs
36, Ferengi Eng - Ferengi Marauder (when hitting 40) - all Ferengi Boffs & Doffs
50, Trill Tac - Defiant Refit - only Fed-member Boffs and Doffs except for Advisors & Diplomats
50, Bajoran Tac - Fleet Patrol Escort - only Federation Boffs and Doffs
38, Bolian Eng - Tuffli Freighter - diverse Doff & Boff crew
08, Human Sci - Wells (when hitting 40) - only "unique" Doffs
50, Vulcan Sci - Oberth/Danube (saving for the Vesta Pack, 78% done) - Sci/Med Doff Crew
50, Cardassian/Alien Tac - Galor - all Cardie Doff/Boff Crew
50, Caitian Tac - Atrox - all Caitian Doff/Boff Crew
50, Human Tac - Sovereign (saving for the Regent) - only Fed-member Boffs and Doffs, Military-themed Doff Crew
12, Andorian Tac - *reserved for the Andorian ship* - all Andorian Boff/Doff Crew


50, Trill Tac - Krenn Destroyer - working on a non-KDF Doff/Boff-Crew
50, Klingon Tac - Vor'Cha - all Klingon Doff/Boff Crew
50, Klingon Tac - Mirror Raptor - all Klingon Doff/Boff Crew


Orion Eng, Marauder cruiser, all Orion crew
Klingon Tac/Eng, Bortasqu/BoP, all Klingon crew
Human Tac, Gladius Escort Retrofit, all Fed crew

I'd also love to do a Romulan, probably mounted in a raptor, now that we have access to Romulan weapons, Doffs and Boffs, but I might hold off on that, considering we might have real playable ones in the future.
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Alting like the disease that it is will not be so easily wiped out. Its number are Great, and it depth is vast like an ocean. No S7 for all its virtues and flaws will only slow the Alting, never stop it.
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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Anyone with less than six characters is missing a trick
lol I have 7 fed and 3 Klingon toons I have 3 i play most of the time but once in awhile ill switch one of the others. It does allow me to play different ships with out having to unload and reload everything.
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Originally Posted by rjewkes View Post

if season seven kills alting becuase of the time needed for Reputation.

Then what did you do before when the STF Gear was/is bound to character? edc's was bound to character?
For starters, you are looking at one of the KING's of alts - that is currently having 40+ toons & prior to the introduction of Dilithium, 30+ characters.

The MAIN question you should be asking is "Motive," or "Reason," for having so many alts to begin with, especially prior to the ushering in of the Dilithium Age.

However; to briefly answer your first question: I was very selective as to which toons gets special attention. Despite soo many toons, I do have 4 or 5 that I consider my Main, though in all honesty all are my main.

Why soo many Alts? -> RP purposes, along with the simple reason that I find the character creation portion of this game quite fun.

I also made it so that I can try out each species offered in this game, including a few Alien variants.

Originally Posted by rjewkes View Post
... are your alts all leveled to and used for the stf grind? or simply for doff/dil grind?
Both - Many of my alts are maxed and were used for the STF Grind, giving me more choices in regards to the flavor of teh day. One day I may be in a Trill mood, another a Ferengi etc...

Also I coincide my toons with the different ships available in the game - brings more choices in regards to gameplay and looks. Prior to season 7 owning many alts came in handy in regards to console clicking, but in all honesty I did not buy more slots or created many new toons for that purpose. That was simply an added bonus as far as an exploit. I only did it with a few, less than 10 toons - simply because the time invested in console clicking with soo many toons was unrealistic and boring.

Originally Posted by rjewkes View Post
... is the doff and dill grind component not enough?
enough for? For starter I do not doff, I never really was into that portion of STO - it is not my thing. I know it is very very rewarding, but it is not my thing, nor do I look down on folks who do them. Since season 7 is soo Grind heavy I have to be smart and selective as to which toon I use or level, and since I have soo many, it is cause for some dedication to a toon.

Originally Posted by rjewkes View Post
... simply having an alternate style of play or different career/profession?
In STO its more about races, ships, RP, and ship experimentation, along with the fun part of creating a new toon with its own bio.

Originally Posted by rjewkes View Post
... and all allowed multiple variations on everything.

so why isn't having a really good jumping Caitian(I assume Ferasins are the same) As a fed Engineer or tac or sci being different from a Klingon Fed officer or a lib borg?

why does it become oh now i have to have all characters leveled with rep and all and this is too much as opposed to just leveling two of your main characters I.E. 1 Fed 1 kdf with evertything and leaving the other alts for grinding sb needs and doff assignments to contribute to your fleet holdings?
One of the Huge Pro's in regards to many toons, is that you CAN contribute to Fleet Holdings and possibly carry a Fleet up to Tier III, and beyond if you are crazy enough. I am doing that as you read this. My Fleet owns 3 Fleets -> A Main Fleet, a KDF, and a Reserve fleet for players alts. The Rep system for me, is seen as more of a hindrance than anything else, so only a selected few toons is currently going through the grind.

Originally Posted by rjewkes View Post
I for one even particip[ate in 4 Fed Fleets and 3 KDF Fleets. so there is always something different for each toon and a big reason for getting all toons to the same. and now with some of the changes to the rep system it doesn't take that long to complete the missions once all things are filled in.
True, it is great if you have less than 10 toons, but with someone like me with 40+ toons crossing two accounts, it's a living nightmare. The new system has been recently introduced and I already had my characters prior to the introduction of the Dilithium currency.

I may be ingame wealthy, but by no means I'm super rich - There are players here that are Billionaires already, in both EC and virtual goods - so people like them may not be effected as much. I however; have to Grind like the average Joe or the new comer silver player on a daily basis - (though S7 made it difficult for me to maintain my play mode)
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What kills ALTs for me is less the Reputation System itself, but that the Borg Engine is now hidden behind a Reputation Time + Grind GATE.

You can only start at level 50 with the Rep System.

That is a LONG time until you can break the Warp 10 barrier,
all my Ships have maxed Drive Coil + Borg Engine just to be fast in Sector Space.

If i started another ALT pre Season 7 i was able to get the Borg Engine at lvl 45 with just 5 EDC, i could do that in an hour. Now it takes WEEKS to get the Rep System to Tier 2.

I do NOT want to wait that long for what i consider basic cruising speed...

With 11 Characters i have more than enough to do with the Rep System as it is for now anyway, so i don't think that i'll be starting nr. 12 anytime soon. (unless there is a real good reason.)

...also the foundry clickies provided a nice amount of AFK XP, combined with the DOff System you could level up to 50 rather fast, without really leaving ESD/Q'onos. With them gone now AFK leveling only with DOffs probably will take a good while longer.

and IMHO the game starts at lvl50, lvl1-50 are only tutorial time.

If there was a promote BOff to Captain (lvl40) ability, i would probably use that for any future alt and never start at lvl1 again.

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For me? Yes. I stick to one toon only now, the others are floating around for an occasional change, but I tend to stick to one.
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12-03-2012, 04:15 AM
No but I can see why for some it would be. I decided to take my main through the whole reputation system and then my next favourite is following a couple of tiers behind so if I screw up my choices on one I can get it right on the other. My other two Feds and my Klink have not even touched it yet. I guess I play them only when in the mood to do so but there is no way I would delete them and in time they will have it all.

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12-03-2012, 04:31 AM
I love all my alts each diffrent with diffrent bio's I make mine for the fun of it and is one of the few things I use zen on so for the games profit i hope they dont go out of their way tring to kill it.
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12-03-2012, 05:15 AM
Yeah S7 really ended my Alts for me. I had 12 on this account with a mix of KDF & UFP, and 5 on my other account.
Deleted all but one on my other account and only have three on this one left. The only reason I didn't get rid of the other two on this account is due to time investment and stuff they have.

I wont be rolling anymore alts as this game is aimed at solely a single alt grind. To be honest S6 started that off with the grind for Borg tech etc, but dilithium meant it was worth keeping them to grind it.
Now that S7 is out, it has put the final nail in the coffin for alts...

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