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Originally Posted by bohiap View Post
I actually prefer the new system. With STF Wednesdays it was one STF, one day of the week. I don't miss it if I have to work or if I'm sick of that STF/have the prototype loot.
Now, whenever the event is I can play through it or not. If I have to work, or it turns out to be the middle of the night, I'll just catch it next time.

I don't think it was an exploit or gave to much dilithium. Now that they put dilithium back in, I don't think they're shorting us on dilithium either.

This weekend I played 5 STFs and ended up with 20 BNP. Some of them were during an event so I got a fistfull of Omega Marks- enough to get the cutting beam without running out of marks to level- more dilithium than I can refine in a day, and a few fleet marks that I can use when the BOFF bug gets fixed.

So far the new system seems a lot less grindy and has more opportunities for me to play.
I enjoyed it because it gave more a reason to actually play some of the others. It also got me to actually convince my fleeties to sometimes even do the GROUND ones. Let's be honest, now most folks are only doing Infected space, usually on elite.

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?
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12-03-2012, 09:58 PM
That "whoosh" sound is from the sarcasm going over so many heads.

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