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# 1 Are the fleet ships better
12-04-2012, 01:27 PM
Hello STO captain's,

First I would like to tell my following ships list, the reasons become clear below:
  • - Odyssey Star Cruiser
  • - Odyssey Tractical Cruiser
  • - OdysseyOperations Cruiser
  • - Odyssey Science Cruiser
  • - Intrepid Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit
  • - Vesta Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer
  • - VestaMulti-Mission Reconnaissance Explorerer
  • - Vesta Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer
  • - Chimera Heavy Destroyer
  • - Defiant Tactical Escort Retrofit
I want to start a discussion or actually, in view of my ship list, if the fleet variant better is then the normal lvl 50 ships. I'm really not fully convinced , I would also like to know what is the difference with the ordinary variant.

I am aware that the Odyssey Star Cruiser fleets now become a variant has. After my opinion, the other Oddy variants are much better. This is partly due to the universal bridge officers slots and the additional console like saucer separation.
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# 2
12-04-2012, 01:45 PM
The fleet ships that you use fleet modules for generally have improved hull, shields and an extra console slot. So yes, they are to some degree superior. In some cases they also have a modified BOff layout. It is questionable as to how much this actually matters in anything but PvP, however.

The fleet ships that are paid for with fleet credits are for the most part just variants, however, or earlier tier ships brought to minimum T5 requirements. This includes the Odyssey Star Cruiser, which is in fact just the Anniversary Odyssey. The C-Store versions of the Odyssey and Vesta are effectively fleet ships in terms of their versatility, strength, and number of console slots.

The Chimera, up to this point, is a ship that is unique to 1000 day veterans/LTS members, and is considered less than a fleet ship, but it does have a few goodies you won't find on a fleet ship, and it's a bit of a cruiser-escort hybrid, so that's less clear-cut.
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# 3
12-04-2012, 01:46 PM
Well yes, if there is a fleet version of a ship then it is better. It will have the same layout but more hull, shields, and consoles.

That said, there are ships without fleet versions. The oddy can generally match the fleet cruisers, and there's really nothing the fleet ships have that is anything like the Vesta or Chimera.

The oddy star cruiser is not a true fleet ship, it is simply a new way to acquire the old anniversary freebie that is worse than the store versions.

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# 4
12-04-2012, 01:59 PM
Any ship costing 200,000 Fleet Credit is pretty much inferior to T5 C-Store ships. The 20,000 Fleet Credit plus 4 Fleet Ship Module ships fare better. The refits of the T5 C-Store ships are almost all better than the C-Store versions, featuring 10% more hull and sheilds in addition to a 10th console spot and can take the console from their C-Store variant.

The Odyssey is the old one given away during the 2-year Anniversary event, and lacks the extra console spot, the console abilities, and the ensign is fixed to being Sci. Your C-Store versions will fair better.

The Vesta is the C-Store response to the Fleet ships, so it has mid-way between old C-Store and Fleet refit specs.

The Chimera is a unique ship with a bunch of in-built abilities. The fleet escorts have slightly higher shield mod, but slightly less hull (except the Fleet Armitage, which has more).

The Intrepid Fleet refit is better with 10% more hull and shields over the C-Store version, and I think you get an extra Sci Console for a total of 5.

The Fleet Defiant refit also gets the bonus hull and shields, and it's 10th console is a 5th Tac console. This puts it's damage capabilities up there with the Jem'hadar escort.
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# 5 yes
12-04-2012, 02:10 PM
yes the only ships that are better than them are lock box ships
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# 6
12-04-2012, 03:03 PM
I beg to differ. Lock box ships are pretty, but fleet ships can match them pretty easily.

Anyways, to OP, fleet ships that cost fleet ship modules will always have more hull and shields, and will always have 10 consoles. Overall they are superior than their non fleet variants.
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