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What do you want out of a fleet? That is always the most important question to answer when joining an organization. If you join a group that doesn't do what you enjoy or has a personality that doesn't mesh, that leads to drama and no fun for anyone.

So what kind of fleet is Task Force Delta?

We're a PVE/RP Fleet
We play STO as a game but like to throw some RP in there to enhance the experience. While teaming up for missions we are "in character" to some extent. We occasionally engage in dedicated RP events but our focus overall is on enjoying the game play.

Dedicated Starbase growth
Since season 6 we've been steadily working on our starbase. We've achieved Tier 3 with only a small group of players and plan to steadily pushing our way to the top.

Casual Atmosphere
Real life comes first for all of us. We play the game to have fun and all devote time and effort to advancing our characters and our starbase. But not at the expense of our other responsibilities.

Team Play
We like to play together and regularly engage in the top line content, such as STF's, Fleet Mark Missions, Fleet Actions, Romulan content. We have no level requirement, and many of us periodically grind up a new alt, but our primary together activites occur at level 50.

Our primary goal is to have fun. Some of us know the game mechanics very well and are happy to provide help in tweaking skills and equipment. But only if requested. We play to win but we don't sacrifice fun in order to do so.

We are set up as a task force assigned to station Deep Space Delta. Every Player begins as an Executive Officer (Lt. Commander). This last for 1-2 weeks and once they are deemed to fit in with the group are promoted to Commanding Officer {Commander} with future promotions possible. All Players primary character holds this rank as the captain of a starship, since most activities in game involve flying starships. If you wish to expand your RP beyond this, you are welcome to RP alts or variations of your main character in whatever role you wish.

How to Join
If this sounds like a group you might enjoy joining, you can contact @Maarkean or @ddraigswife in game.
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11-28-2012, 05:22 AM
Bump for the bump's sake
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Rogue Shipyard Blog
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12-04-2012, 10:45 AM
We are still open for recruitment.
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