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12-10-2012, 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by hypl View Post
I DO use the carbine with the full Omega set, and it works well as a blanket expose weapon.
Indeed, the blanket expose with a split beam can be very effective with a double expose doff and a
fully buffed tac can do quite some damage with the secondary attack.

But alas, most people are babies who yearn for the HoT of the MACO and KHG sets and will never
try Omega.

Maybe I just like my critz too much and have a soft spot for Omega.
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12-14-2012, 10:15 AM
Still no pulsewave as of yesterdays patch, and no response as to if or when to expect one.
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12-14-2012, 11:57 PM
at least you can purchase t4 upgrades. I've tried two items that unlock (borg prosthetic arm weaponry and borg consumables II) and neither show up in my store.

I submitted a GM ticket about it, hopefully it's resolved. Have you tried that route?
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12-15-2012, 12:17 AM
Originally Posted by trekkie80 View Post
at least you can purchase t4 upgrades. I've tried two items that unlock (borg prosthetic arm weaponry and borg consumables II) and neither show up in my store.

I submitted a GM ticket about it, hopefully it's resolved. Have you tried that route?
Have two options. Wait till the current tribble patch shows up on holodeck or unlock the prosthetic Mk XI and Borg Consumables I. I unlocked the Anti-Borg Combat Consumables II and all that showed was the Mk XII weaponry that I unlocked at Tier 3. The day after, I unlocked the Anti-Borg Consumables I and the advanced and elite consumables showed up. The Anti-Borg Consumables are all under one tab and the Prosthetics are under another tab. The Tier 2 store unlock project unlocks the tab and the Tier 4 store unlock adds more items to the tab so right now doing just the Tier 4 store unlock is not enough at this point.
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12-15-2012, 02:27 PM
Agreed, only wished i could get he Phaser Sniper Rifle in XII(I had only gotten up to Xi), they should have just started adding Modifier versions of the originals) Wanted a better Polaron pistol.

Plus the visuals suck for anti-proton weapon, the tier unlock pictures are misleading, the least they could do is update the graphics to look like they have salvaged Borg components or typical federation design trends.

glad to see the return of the Borg armatures...

wouldn't mid seeing either a Borg salvage set for ground players or kits..
say a Borg kit with assimilated turret, shield adaption window and maybe some sort of anti Borg attack, each customized to reflect engineering, tactical, and science like usual,
Borg Salvage Engineering Kit
-Borg Defense Turret(Plasma pulse with range sensitive, Thoron Shock Pulse and slightly regenerating health.(Slower recharge than federation turrets)
-Mutli-Adaptive Shield Modulation(Allows the shield to adapt to an opponents energy weapon on next attack, 1 minute recharge, one enemy at a time(useful vs bosses))
-Borg Regeneration node(basically a combination of health and shield recharge turret, with slight sacrifice in both recharge rates, but a field size bonus)
-Assimilated Seeker Drone

-E/M Variance Field(Applies a cumulative damage effect around player for a set duration to all Borg drones and devices.
-Collective Override Up-link(chance to turn one Borg drone, not a boss, into a ally till it is killed.)
-Bio-adaptation, purges all debuff and provides medium duration that damage type.
-Nano medical Injection(combines the qualities of several hypos and regenerators, however, at a slight lower percentage of effectiveness, but all at once.

-Borg Power Transfer(Drops shield on next few attacks, and add a energy to your weapon discharges for a duration 15 seconds.
-Adapted assimilated technology pulse grenade(Disrupts shield of enemies within range without applying damage slows regeneration.
-Borg energy plasma Grenade(Advanced plasma grenade. slight kinetic advantage vs Borg.
-Exoskeletal reinforcement: Adds a 30 second Melee damage bonus.

just a small though, and not make it look like a drone or tacky, more like standard federation kits, done it slightly more military and Borg colors, with neatly bundled and integrated Borg components and options, sorta like a Borg upgrade to standard gear, not a costume.

Borg Eyepiece devices anyone, provides a visual enhancement for a certain duration, make few different models 1-2 minute duration 2 minute recharge
-Medical(illuminates all living creatures/npc and shows if they are wounded)
-Tactical, detect and illuminate weapons fire, through walls, within a certain range.
-Engineering, illuminates all turrets, weapons and destroyable materials, as well and all corridors and walls at different color, changes color and contrast of interactive consoles.
-Recon: Shows way points and effect zones at range.
,add a variety

Upgrade the Antiborg Antiproton graphics.
More Klingon armor or gear for task force

Why haven't any of the omega task force mission been about the Omega Directive, perhaps a mission ro two about that might be good, involving destroying omega, and perhaps no Borg, maybe just some foolish species trying to build weapon or tool and willing to fight to save it.

Tholian missions, other than ground zone?

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