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# 1 Launcher not... launching?
06-11-2013, 08:26 PM
So, I looked around the forum a bit trying to find something similar to this issue and haven't had any luck. So if this belongs somewhere else and I just missed it, feel free to let me know.

I tried to fire up my game today, and after the launcher updated, it never loaded. I've got the icon, and it looks like the tab for Star Trek Online is minimized in my taskbar, but it can't be opened. I've restarted, uninstalled/reinstalled, tried a different launcher, nothing. Still stuck with the same problem.

Any help at all would be very much appreciated. I have a reputation system in desperate need of tending to.
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06-17-2013, 09:09 AM
Hi I think I can help you - the same thing seemed to happen to me after I recieved a "fatal error direct3d driver" error code thing and my game crashed.

So basically you load the launcher as normal, the Star Trek Online tab appears in your task-bar but no launcher-window has appeared, and the tab appears minmized and clicking on doesn't seem to do anything - certainly sounds like the same thing that happened to me.

It seems like the STO launcher has "moved" off to the side of your desktop somehow. What you need to do is, try to load the game as you would normally, then when you have the Star Trek Online tab in the taskbar appear, you need to right click on the tab, and click "move". Your cursor should turn into a little up/down/left/right arrow icon thingy. Then it's a bit odd confusing, but my fleet friend (on ventrillo voice chat) said to try using your keyboard arrow keys to see if the window returns back on the screen - though when I did it that didn't seem to work, but instead after I moved my mouse around my screen a bit, my launcher window seemed to reappear on it's own somehow - weird.

Oh incidentally, as this happened the same time I recieved a fatal graphics-memory related error, I think it may have something to do with the monitor/graphics screen resolution size setting (which you can change by right-clicking on your desktop, go to properties, then settings, then change your screen resoution - i'm betting if it's set to something HIGHER than your launcher will then appear on screen, off-to-the-edge probably, then you can just move it back into proper postion on your screen and return to your prefered screen resolution). I'm not entirely certain if this will work, but i'm pretty sure this is where this error has come from - I seem to recall encountering something like this a long time in something completely unrelated to STO.

Hope this helps, and many thanks to my fleet buddies for their help!!!
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Thank you, this was a great help Dave. It turned out that my launcher window had somehow been pushed of the screen completely. Making me think the game was not working or was corrupted some how. Before going to extremes like replacing the launcher in the sto folder or reinstalling and reinstalling the game. Just do what Dave did above in the description. The launcher is simply off the screen and needs to be moved back to the centre of your monitor. However I do not know how the window got pushed of the screen. I didn't change anything that I am aware of. It did this after a patch. Or it was something to do with my screen resolution changing back to the desktop resolution after I closed the game. However, this has never happened before and it is a mystery why it did this in the first place. Thanks again Dave.
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I seem to be having the same issue, but in Windows 8, when I right-click on Star Trek Online in the task bar, I don't have the aforementioned options to move the launcher back into the desktop.


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08-12-2013, 12:13 PM
I have been having a similar problem, fatal error but now what mine is doing is it says it is patching but it is not doing anything and stays on that screen not doing anything, I have tried to uninstall it but it managed to evade me somewhere and I cannot fully uninstall, and even if I could I fear that the problem won't be resolved by doing so, any help would be appreciated
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08-12-2013, 04:28 PM
Having this problem as well. I get the icon on the Win7 taskbar, when I mouse over it I get the preview thumbnail that shows a tiny launch window (even has a blinking cursor in it), but the actual launch window doesn't appear anywhere. It all worked fine yesterday, but today this. Even tried restarting, but no go.

Found solution here http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...1&postcount=11. Unsure what caused it thought.

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