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Originally Posted by kmart4616 View Post
Request for Assistance

Since I am the only person in the star trek universe that has no idea what to do to start the Web Access mission or the Secrets of the Ancients mission i will just ask for HELP.

Web Access mission: I go to the caves i do not see any console, I cannot enter the cave. I talked to the romulans at the transporter site did all their missions but still nothing. I would like to play the mission or drop it ((right now i can do neither)

Secrets of the ancients: Same as above (except i kill a few tholians hanging around a building i cannot enter.

Any assistance provided is greatly appreciate

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Ok for all of the New Romulus Repuration tiers. There is a daily mission for various locations around the map which are unlocked. If you aren't auto-assigned the mission there is a Romulan Cilivian either outside the mission entrance (The Warehouse), or the Civilian will be near the Transporter location for the site. For Tier 3, the location is the Paehhos Crater.

The Mission is "Overground Cave". The entrance is the Cave across the crater from the beam in point. Now the console to active the cut scene is in the last room of the map in the bak. Activate the console and then Submit Report after the cut scene.

Now be warned, the is a very difficult mission to solo even on Normal difficulty. Expect there to be full or partial group wipes. And you may be repeating the mission as there are 8 accolades to be had if you are into that sort of thing. (It's a fun mission with a group players) And a hint: Closing the portal will not stop the extra waves in the last room.

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Originally Posted by lordfuzun View Post
If you aren't auto-assigned the mission there is a Romulan Cilivian either outside the mission entrance

So, I was auto-assigned this mission, but have no desire to bother with New Romulus. How do I drop the mission?

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