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I have a chat with some friends, and we have some fear to leave our childen playing STO alone because some places in the game are not really exacly safely for teens to visit and play sto. The age classification is teenagers, but many of the content generated by players is mature or greater, somethimes doing some harm because how PW/Crypt deal with offensers.

The main problem is about drozana station and other social hubs. Most players know that there is not exactly safe, social safe, because the massive presence of perverts, trolls and other people who has love to spoil our day, making heavy provocations, offending via tell or open chat or do anything more heavy and grossly offensive.

Yes, you can place a private security level, but if you have kids, you'll know that they can easily change it with just a few clicks.

Even with all the protection and monitoring done by other friend and fleet members you can trust, Star trek online not have proper tools for parents to restrict game content, such as restricting access to certain parts of the game or completely block some settings, requiring password or other authentication to unlock.

Click to report gm is not the best option, because you have to have a bad moment in game and take some harm... And only later report a ingame ticket to GM, and for personal experience, this takes a lot of time and never work rightly and have a slow response for the game masters.

Opening a support ticket in the website never have a proper feedback, leaving a great and vage awnser, leaving no clear and proper answer about problems with bad beavior in the game. They spend days leaving you waiting without a answer, to just send a protocol generated by a script, without having to know the sensitivity of dealing with someone who is in real trouble, not knowing the right questions to pass, or any questions, to do adequate research to assist the player in trouble.

I ask to the devs to make a proper set of parental control.

1 - To lock the private options, requesting a parental password to change or unlock.

2 - Option to ingore entire fleets. A functional option to keep these troublemakers distant.

No one can deny it. Have entire fleets dedicated to making problems to other players or fleets. And even with frequent gm calls and PW tickets, the players themselves have never seen any positive effects.

3 - The option to game client generate a proper chat log of the last hours and save in the player hard disk, with time and date and the @handle of everyone.

Is hard to have the right presence of spirt to keep the head cool, take a screenshot and send a GM ticket or open a PW ticket if you are suffering sexual or other kind of harassment, being verbally assaulted, suffering bullying or other problem and the ingame tickets open to game masters and the PW website is not always adequate or sensitivity to demand the kind of proper evidence.

The website of the STO and PW does not have a clear and effective lines to guide the player to deal with this kind of problem, leaving open the griefers to act with impunity, implying that the gms and pw do not care about problems this level, and with the safety of players

4 - Z-Store block or Buying Zen block: Ok, we love to spend our money here. But if you have to deal with teens, they can easily steal your credit card and use without a warming to buy a lot of zens and spend in anything, whether they cheated by other players, because the game itself is not different from a mature player of an addict for the opportunity to find a good item in the lockbox, or other situation where someone can spend zen without permission of the owner of the card.

No problem if your son or daughter convert dilithium to zen and later, if the game have a security option to block the option to buy zen directly from money.

The steam have the nice wallet option, this really helps. But if you are playing STO directly from other kind of game client, you have to punchase zen for other ways.

5 - To block the acess of some maps, to prevent social or the bad behavior problems. Drozana is well know is a place with good people, good roleplayers, but have a good number of people with a bad behavior. The game masters and PW can't give a proper solution about this kind of people. At least, leave to us, parents, to protect our family with the help of the company of our friends or members of the same fleet.

If you try to visit a "blocked" place without a member of your fleet or a friend in a party, the game refuse to let you visit the place. If you leave a party, the game kick you to open space map.

At least, having a friend to go with you, you have at least some safely to visit some places in the game.

Other option is to do a full block in some maps of STO, for the same reasons I said.

With the right parental options we can let our children play with more tranquility and safely.

I can open a PW ticket to request this type of option, but this is something to the developer team make, to improve the safely of the players.
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?

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Hello, not trying to be rude but.........what your asking is for Cryptic, a company, to do your job as a parent. They are your children, if you feel the game is a bit too "adult" for them, even tho its rated Teen, then refuse to let them play, problem solved.
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11-21-2012, 02:50 PM
Another option is you can also make your own foundry maps for your kids to play in. That depends on age of course. One person I know did this but his child was a very young age.
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11-21-2012, 02:51 PM
I agree with Kirisee, and many games are crippled by censor engines. Bloody is considered a swear word in the UK but not the US. Just to play STOL I must wait for multiple loading screens, what you suggest would or could end up causing a longer loading time while the system verifies users yet again.

I am an adult with no kids, so this in not my concern. However if I had children, I sure the heck would not sit them in front of my PC and let them run loose on the internet or just any online game.
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11-21-2012, 02:55 PM
a MMO is no place for a child since MMO is people based game get your child a nice role play game or pokemon
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11-21-2012, 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by kirisee View Post
Hello, not trying to be rude but.........what your asking is for Cryptic, a company, to do your job as a parent. They are your children, if you feel the game is a bit too "adult" for them, even tho its rated Teen, then refuse to let them play, problem solved.
Total agreement.

The Original Poster is asking Cryptic to do their job as a parent.

If you honestly feel that your kids can't handle the content in the game, then don't let them play. It's that simple. Or you could simply always monitor their play time, you know, actually interacting with and helping them understand Why you don't want them experiencing certain things.

As a childcare professional, one who works with teens, I can honestly say , your idea of saying "NO" or imposing parental censorship controls will not have the effect you are looking for. It will only make the thing you are denying them all that much more attractive.

If instead you have mature discussions about things that come up while they are playing which trouble you, you might find yourself connecting with your kids in a very real and honest way.

TL;DR version :
It's not Cryptic's job to parent your children.
Honest, mature discussions go a lot farther toward helping them become the people you want them to be , a LOT faster than censoring their life experience.

Just my Two latinums worth.
Your opinions may very.

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Originally Posted by kirisee View Post
Hello, not trying to be rude but.........what your asking is for Cryptic, a company, to do your job as a parent.
Yes he does
I mean is easier to ask others to look after your kids than to do it yourself .
Basicly he wants everyone banned or removed from game ...he wants star trek online singleplayer .

in the mean time Ill mail google to censor the damn internet .You never know when a kid will type "porn" in the search box.
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11-21-2012, 03:04 PM
Hello, not trying to be rude but.........what your asking is for Cryptic, a company, to do your job as a parent. They are your children, if you feel the game is a bit too "adult" for them, even tho its rated Teen, then refuse to let them play, problem solved.
Not a job as a parent, but give proper tools to help to control them. This game is rated Teen, not Mature.

And if you have kids, you know, that even well-oriented, you do need some sort of resources to help avoid certain bad situations and problems or at least, help to improve how you deal with this.

You can't expect 100% of gms solve problems all time. And neither the ticket via PW website. The requirement is to make a way, in the game client side, to prevent problems which are well known and administration of the game has problems to solve in an appropriate way, taking time and not always able to make a appropriate solution.

You can simple forbidden and unistall the game, but if you have your family playing here, you want to give to them the best of the game, and if possible, block or avoid the nasty and bad points.

A player, I simple request a security feature to help parents to have in our side to deal with some well know problems. Not asking to get free dilithium under rocks, to make a old ages promisse to make some kdf content.

The request is more sensible, because is related with the safely of the players and the right way to keep them safe. This is a special set of options can help a lot and avoid some not wanted problems.

If you want to protect someone you love, you has the right to at least request ways to raise some protection, since I am a player, and because of this I worry how others players, are my friends, family, fleet friends and relatives are going to play this game.

If you are a regular player, ok, you can use or not use this kind of game option.

But if you need and don't have this, and are forced to register a support ticket in the PW website or open a ingame ticket, you learn how this is sometimes is too burocratic and not always receive an adequate anwser, or proper orientation at the right time you have to deal with a grave problem or have the proper support, because of the type of problem related deal too much time to get a proper anwser from the game master or from PW Support.

If you have a set of security options, the game master and PW support have less problem to deal. And us, parents, have a good tool to help keep safe from the critical problems.
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?

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There is a reason why the ESRB rating is always followed by "Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB" or something to that effect, in online games, unfortunately there is little that can actually be done by cryptic to stop your child from interacting with certain other people playing the game. They could lock out zones, but what happens when these people move to other zones to have their fun? Or worse, what if they move to a critical location like ESD? Cryptic would have to constantly police all these zones in order to apply the parental locks as needed, and locking out a mission critical zone will seriously hinder the child's gameplay.

If you think your children are coming into contact with unsavory types in game, then you need to step in and do something about it. Explain to your child why that behavior is wrong and let them know that they need to avoid it.
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11-21-2012, 03:13 PM
I allow my daughter to play this game, once she's created a toon I change all the settings on chat etc, so she doesnt see or get invited to anything I don't want. I also minimise the chat screen.
Now she could go into the settings and change it all back, she doesn't. There has to be a level of trust between parent and child.

If you can't trust your child to play the game to your rules then they shouldn't be allowed on the PC.

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