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As soon as i engage the enemy, my shields and hull are knocked down and i'm out of commission the 1st 30 to 45 seconds. I thought i had a good ship but must have it configured wrong. Its a Jem'Hadar ship with the matching Jem'hadar shield,deflector and engine in a XI. I have a SIF and Field emitter in a purple XII in the engineer console slots along with a rare Nuetronium alloy XI .A rare XII Field generator in the science slot.I also replaced my borg warfare specialist Dlyrene with Tilkrene. I have every type weapon in rear admiral upper half purple XII along with all the universal consoles sold with the feds ships from the C-store if that helps.I also use the hull and emergency power to shields my "purple" bridge officers can use which add up to about 6 different ones.I also purchaced the majority of alloys,hull platings,bio chambers, emergency force fields etc.... 26 in all and all upper rear admiral XII very rare except for the ones going for over 10 million each on exchange and in those cases bought the XI purple or XII blue ones.
Someone on here told me how to fix up my ship to fight the borg with electroceramic hull plating etc. and it really helped alot but now i need to configure my ship for the tholians.One last thing i might note, i don't have the Omega or M.A.C.O. set but i do have the full set of Aegis,Breen and Borg if they would be better suitted for fighting the Tholians...thanks.
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Yeah...the tholians are a pain to fight. Engineering consoles I would suggest stacking 3x Neutronium and 1x RCS Accelerator or Universal Console - Tachyokinetic Converter. Science I would suggest that you slot the Universal - Borg Assimilated Module. In your 5 tactical console slots I would suggest running 5x [Current Energy Type] Console (example: Phaser Relay). For ship heals I would suggest Emergency Power to Shields I, Reverse Shield Polarity I, Engineering Team I (repairs tholian subsystem shutdown), Hazard emitters I, and Transfer Shield Strength II. Tactical slots are personal preference, but I would advise running 1x Tactical Team with 2x Conn Officer (tactical team cooldown reduced by 8 seconds. +10 Starship attack patterns). If you can, I would advise picking up the Omega Space Set.
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Tholian preparation needs to focus on removing subsystem disables, which they will re-apply with irritating frequency. Eng team will repair all disables, EPTx will restore the associated subsystem, as will batteries. The subsystem repair skill is modified by alive crew, meaning that if your crew is dead it will be multiplied by zero. This makes the Jem shield actually pretty good. Some swear by a nurse doff, YMMV.

The problem is compounded by multiple sources of disables: the thermionic torpedo (which is a drain, not a disable), phased tet procs, and the dreadnought special ability. None of which provide temporary immunity like a standard phaser proc. Considering the number of small craft, the fighter thermionic might even stack with the standard thermionic, but I'm just guessing there.

In my steamrunner I focus on keeping weapons and engines up so I can point my DHCs and have them fire. So EPTW1, EPTE1, cd doffs for those, weapons batt and engines batt, then use everything else for hull tanking since we're going with the assumption that shields will be down; just be ready to run away if you get an aux disable since the hull resists are aux dependent.

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