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I know that I can train my boffs in other skills (did so the other day), but I'm confused as to how I can train my own. As an escort user, I generally don't need threat control (or whatever it's called), but it feels kind of sad to not use up an ability instead. I figure I should be able to change my own, but every time I look for how, I end up with a tutorial on how to change those of my boff.

It's probably really simple, like I just have to sneer at a Klingon somewhere or something, but would really like some help on this. Unfortunately, the one thing I've found lacking is no strategy guide or even a manual for this game. Maybe there is one, and I'm just not finding it. I have discovered "help" but that's kind of like looking up "psychology" in a bad dictionary that defines it as "the field of being psychological".
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12-04-2012, 11:43 AM
It's called Respec. You do it through a Skill Trainer.

They can be found in the following places.
Lt. Commander Okret at Control Center, Earth Spacedock
Lt. Commander Tana at Docking Ring (Shipyard), Deep Space 9
Lt. Commander Mez at Admiral's Office, Deep Space K-7

Commander Terg, at Central Area, Ganalda Space Station
Commander Ragen, in the south-west corner of the barracks, in First City

I hate it when people just throw "Stowiki" at people without answering their question. The Wiki isn't perfect, but at times it can help

This link will take you to the Respec page for more information.
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