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"Sweden": A country that has seen winter, snow and cold since long before anyone lived here. And still, every single year, winter comes as a surprise and everything stops working. Trains: Can?t handle the cold.
Busses: Drive of the road.
Airports: Closed for something called snow.
People: Freezing their asses off!!
Shoes: Getting wet and ever soo cold.
Buildings: Almost as cold, as if there where no buildings...
Cities: Every day, chocked over something called snow, and are
unable to keep the streets clear of it.
Ships: Trapped, beacouse someone forgot to tell the
Captain that water turns into something called ice.
This will trap you.

So, that?s Sweden for you! The LEAST nordic nation, of the nordic nations...

Thank god I have power, and STO. Until I move to Florida and have to face those pesky hurricanes...
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12-05-2012, 08:47 PM
Well, thanks for letting us know, keep us posted on this matter.
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12-05-2012, 08:50 PM
What relevance this may have to STO be damned! Sweden so cold!!! Q_Q_Q_Q_Q
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12-06-2012, 02:24 AM
Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
What relevance this may have to STO be damned! Sweden so cold!!! Q_Q_Q_Q_Q
It shows the ineffectiveness of the Federations Weather Control Systems.
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