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I have tried a variety of weapon types on the Tholians on New Romulus, so far, I haven't found one that works best. I had tried the Sonic Antiproton since it has the 7.5 Kinetic against the Tholians, but I didn't see that being displayed when using them against the Armorned Tholians. Any suggestions and comments would be useful. Thanks.
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01-15-2013, 08:58 PM
If you want specific defense against Tholians, you likely want a Radiation type. But the majority of protection are in EVA suits or racial passive resistances.
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01-15-2013, 09:54 PM
For fighting Tholians, I equip Lokarene and Ang the Vicious duty officers as they grant +10% and +5% damage against Tholians on the ground respectively.

Weapons wise I use the Antiproton weapons with the [Sonic] modifier as you've already mentioned. I also use the Hyper-compressed Cryo launcher (along with exo-suit set), the CRM 200 & Cryo grenades you get from the first and last of the Breen featured episodes.

For my away team I take my Android, EMH, and Tactical Hologram as they all have higher resists to Toxic and Radiation damage. Trills also have the Hyper Metabolism trait which grants resists to Toxic and Radiation damage. You can equip them with exo-suits that have the [RadTox] modifier too.

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