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01-15-2013, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
So it's all down to trust.

Exactly. We believed we could trust this person, and they majorly screwed us over. What we have done is stripped our command team down to three people now - myself, our fleet leader, and one other, who has been with us for a long time, and has repeatedly shown himself to be dedicated to our new fleet. Around half of the 2.6million dilithium that was lost came directly from him.

That is a pretty good indication that he can be trusted, since he is putting so much time and energy into grinding for our fleet projects, but at the same time, there is always a chance, however unlikely, that he will go crazy one day and decide that deleting the fleet is a great idea.

This is why there needs to be a way around it. Perhaps requiring multiple leaders in the fleet to agree before it is deleted.
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01-15-2013, 09:37 AM
in my opinion there should be only one supreme leader in the fleet
and that is the creator of the fleet and that creator should be the only
one to disband a fleet.. and if a fleet is over tier 2 it should be voted to
be disbanded by all the leaders of that fleet. and if the fleet vote succeeded
it still should be ok-ed by the supreme leader/creator.

I skim thru the post didnt read every post.
sorry if i am off topic.

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01-15-2013, 12:14 PM
FYI in the zone chat this moring several people were talking about selling there fleets off to anyone who wanted to buy them.

At the same time during Q winter wonderland several fleets recruted sleepers from other fleets who screwed around in Omega fleet actions doing things like not protecting Kane and beaming out during ground missions.

Then you add in all the micro fleets that were started so people could get Fleet star ships.

Due to all these things A lot of us requested that cryptic clean up the fleet system a bit. Its just getting out of hand right now then you get these micro fleets that demand that the reqiurment for starbase upgrades be lowered.

I never been in a fleet. You dont need to be fleet to enjoy the game if you look at some of the fleet ships you get a bit more crew, few extra hull points.

Its not worth doing yet plus I dont have time to contribute.
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01-15-2013, 07:01 PM
I doubt the devs are going to start banning people who are taking advantage of naive fleet leaders... if you are silly enough to make someone else you dont know very well a shared fleet leader you are asking for trouble. The only way someone is going to get banned is if they are hacking the game. So... to the fleet leaders that have lost their fleet or their leader position, learn from your mistake and stop complaining in zone chat because we are all tired of hearing about it!

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Originally Posted by z69evermoon View Post
FYI in the zone chat this moring several people were talking about selling there fleets off to anyone who wanted to buy them.
Yeah, saw a couple myself just today. One on ESD and another on DS9. The later had a sketchy account name I couldn't help but to think it was a stolen fleet.

Really shows how much people are abandoning fleets for ones that are already T4 and T5. So instead of keeping the old ones, they sell to people who just don't want to do the work. And I won't be surprised that we start hearing more internal strife and these large fleets start fractioning and complaining having to start over with a T1 fleet.

So hope Cryptic is making plans in helping small fleets or making a different plan of action that takes Fleet Starbases in another direction. Like having bases at existing Hubs and not having to unlock stuff already available at the Hubs. And maybe give them a chance to decorate their interiors the way they want, while Fleet Starbases won't.
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01-15-2013, 10:30 PM
I still maintain that the simplest solution is to make Fleet stuff available from NPC vendors a 1.5x cost. That way there's still an incentive to do fleet stuff but it doesn't completely punish solos or small fleets. Along with this fleet credits need to be earnable even if you are not in a fleet.
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01-15-2013, 10:45 PM
I just wanted to point out how off-topic this forum is getting... but since you are brining it up.. its silly to give things away at a vendor because it completely removes the need for fleets and the teamwork it has created between the players. SMALL FLEETS need to stop complaining! I am a member of a VERY exclusive fleet with only 30 members. We have been around a long time but we got the starbase at the same time as everyone else and have no problems advancing the base. Even though we arnt as high tier as we would like I truly hope the devs disregard requests to "help" smaller fleets... small fleet leaders need to spend time showing dedication and leadership instead of playing victim.

I wouldnt trade my fleet for T5 or a billion members... ever!

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